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  • 331 ways to cut costs!

    Most of us are good at spending but not at spending wisely. Bankrate offers 331 ways to save on every facet of your life.

    1 min read Aug 20, 2004
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  • Credit Report Forms

    Good credit is the key to a better financial life. So check your credit reports regularly and if you find a mistake, use these letters to correct it quickly.

    1 min read Apr 06, 2004
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  • Financial literacy pays off in many ways

    A firm grasp of financial literacy means you’ll have more to grasp at the end of each month. Just in mortgages alone, the difference between an ‘A’ in financial literacy and an ‘F’ is $83 off [...]

    3 min read Apr 06, 2004
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  • 10 things to do before you turn 50

    Old age, at least according to popular culture, is looming. But that doesn’t mean you have to just stand there and wait patiently for it to arrive. While there’s still time, here are 10 things you [...]

    5 min read Feb 19, 2004
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  • Reasons remain to refinance

    Rates remain at a low level. Does that mean you should refi? It depends. These tips will help you decide.

    4 min read Jan 15, 2004
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