Laurel Road and SoFi are online lenders that offer personal loans with similar competitive APR ranges. Established in 2013, Laurel Road is a digital banking platform that offers various financial products in addition to personal loans, such as mortgages, student loan refinancing and high-yield savings accounts. Similar to Laurel Road, SoFi also features several lending and banking products.

Both lenders are worth considering if you have good credit. However, since each has different advantages and disadvantages, you have to compare them to assess which is best for you.

Laurel Road vs. SoFi at a glance

Although Laurel Road and SoFi are top personal loan options for applicants with strong credit profiles, there are some crucial differences to consider when deciding between the two, like loan amount, repayment terms and minimum credit score requirements.

Laurel Road SoFi
Bankrate Score 4.2 4.8
Better for Applicants with a co-signer Large loan amounts and quick funding
Loan amounts $5,000-$45.000 $5,000-$100,000
APRs 9.49%-24.25% (with autopay) 8.99%-25.81% (with autopay)
Loan term lengths 36-60 months 24-84 months
Fees $28 late fee or 5% of the payment due, whichever is less Loan origination fee from 0%-6%
Minimum credit score Not specified 680
Time to funding Up to a week As soon as the same business day

Laurel Road personal loans

Laurel Road personal loans

Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5
  • Green circle with a checkmark inside
    • Competitive APR range.
    • No origination fees.
    • Co-signer loans available.
    Red circle with an X inside
    • High minimum loan amount.
    • Longer funding speed.
    • Late fee.

SoFi personal loans

SoFi personal loans

Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5
  • Green circle with a checkmark inside
    • Fast funding.
    • Flexible repayment terms.
    • Member benefits.
    Red circle with an X inside
    • Need good credit to qualify.
    • Higher maximum APR.
    • Doesn’t allow co-signers.

How to choose between Laurel Road and SoFi

Laurel Road and SoFi are both standout options for borrowers with good credit, but the best option varies based on your situation. Laurel Road is more accessible to individuals with past credit challenges while you can borrow more and get funding faster with SoFi.

Laurel Road is better for applicants with a co-signer

Laurel Road offers unsecured personal loans up to $45,000 to borrowers with good credit. Applicants who don’t meet the credit requirements may apply with a co-signer that does, which may help them get approved. But you won’t have this option with SoFi.

Laurel may also be a better option for applicants with slightly lower credit scores. While SoFi’s minimum credit score requirement is 680, borrowers may be able to qualify for a loan with Laurel Road with a lower credit score.

SoFi is better for larger loans and quick funding

If you want to borrow more than $45,000, SoFi is the better option. It offers loans up to $100,000, which you can use for a variety of reasons, like home repairs and debt consolidation.

SoFi is also the better option if you need funds fast to cover an emergency expense. While Laurel Road may take up to seven days to issue your funds after approval, you may receive funds from SoFi much sooner —  in some cases, as soon as the same business day.

Compare lenders before applying

SoFi and Laurel Road offer attractive personal loan options for borrowers with stellar credit profiles. But SoFi is the better choice if you need funds fast and want to take out a larger loan. On the flip side, Laurel Road may be a better option if you have bad credit and want to apply for a loan with a co-signer.

To assess which lender may be best for you, consider prequalifying to compare rates and terms. Keep in mind that prequalifying doesn’t guarantee approval.