Best Egg has a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating and has funded 1.1 million in personal loans. Laurel Road has been around as a lender since 2013 and became a part of KeyBank in 2019.

Best Egg and Laurel Road are good options to consider if you’re looking for a small-to-midsize personal loan. That said, there are some key differences to consider before applying with either one.

Best Egg vs. Laurel Road at a glance

Best Egg and Laurel Road’s personal loans are quite similar regarding repayment terms and loan amounts. However, they differ when it comes to fees, interest rate caps and funding timelines.

Best Egg Laurel Road
Bankrate Score 4.6 4.3
Better for Borrowers with fair credit Affordable personal loans
Loan amounts $2,000-$50,000 $5,000-$45,000
APRs 8.99%-35.99% 9.49%-24.25% (with autopay)
Loan term lengths 36-60 months 36-60 months
  • Origination fee: 0.99%-8.99%
  • $15 returned payment fee
Late payment fee of the lesser of $28 or 5% of the amount due
Minimum credit score 600 Not disclosed
Time to funding Within 1-3 business days after approval Within seven business days after approval

Best Egg personal loans

Best Egg personal loans

Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5
Learn more in our Bankrate review
  • Green circle with a checkmark inside


    • Prequalification available.
    • Quick funding.
    • Lower minimum credit score than competitors.
    Red circle with an X inside


    • Origination fee.
    • Not available in all states.
    • No joint loans allowed.

laurel road logo

Laurel Road personal loans

Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5
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  • Green circle with a checkmark inside


    • No origination fees.
    • Allows co-signers.
    • Autopay discount.
    Red circle with an X inside


    • High minimum loan amount.
    • Undisclosed credit requirements.
    • Slower-than-average funding.

How to choose between Best Egg and Laurel Road

Both Best Egg and Laurel Road offer online personal loans with mid-range APRs and minimal frills. However, there are a few key ways the lenders differ.

Best Egg is best for borrowers with fair credit or better

While Laurel Road doesn’t disclose its minimum credit score requirement, Best Egg works with those with a credit score of at least 600. This is considered fair credit and is a lower minimum than most competitors, making Best Egg a good fit for this type of credit applicant.

Laurel Road makes personal loans affordable

Laurel Road has several loan features that make them an affordable option for borrowers. They offer an autopay discount that lowers the interest rate by 0.25 percent. Additionally, any upfront fees aren’t charged on their personal loans.

Best Egg, on the other hand, charges an origination fee of up to 8.99 percent on all their personal loans. Additionally, their maximum rate is 35.99 percent, whereas Laurel Road caps its rates at 24.50 percent.

Compare lenders before applying

Laurel Road and Best Egg are two solid options for personal loan lenders. However, they aren’t the only alternatives. Make sure to shop around for rates from multiple lenders to get the most favorable loan for your situation. If possible, see if prequalification is available, as this will let you compare realistic offers side-by-side without hurting your credit.