Richest person in each state

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A billion dollars may seem like an unbelievable amount of wealth for a single person, yet nearly every state in the nation has an individual worth at least that much.

Wealth-X compiled a list of the richest person in each state and found that in only nine states — Utah, New Mexico, Mississippi, Maine, Delaware, Hawaii, South Dakota, Alaska and Wyoming — the wealthiest individual has a net worth of under $1 billion.

The richest person in the country is Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and his estimated net worth of $81.5 billion also makes him the richest person in Washington state. He’s followed by Warren Buffett, the second-richest person in the country and the wealthiest in Nebraska, with a net worth of $66.9 billion.

The American dream bears fruit

Following the American tradition, 35 of the 50 richest individuals are self-made. Many of those who inherited a fortune went on to vastly improve their wealth, including businessmen such as Florida’s Micky Arison. The son of Carnival Corp. cofounder Ted Arison, he has since grown the cruise line into the world’s largest and amassed a fortune of $6.5 billion.

The majority of the rich on the list are men: just six women made the cut. Topping the list for women is the richest person in Arkansas, Christy Walton, who is also the richest woman in the world. She is the widow of one of the sons of Walmart founder Sam Walton and has an estimated net worth of $37.9 billion.

Check out the chart below to see who the richest person is in your state.

Wealthiest individual in each state

Name State Estimated net worth (U.S. $ billion)
Bill Gates Washington 81.5
Warren Buffett Nebraska 66.9
Lawrence Ellison California 47.3
David Koch Kansas 42.0
Christy Walton Arkansas 37.9
Michael R. Bloomberg New York 33.7
Sheldon Adelson Nevada 29.0
Forrest Mars, Jr. Virginia 25.9
Phil Knight Oregon 19.0
Michael Dell Texas 17.9
Harold Hamm Oklahoma 17.6
Charles Ergen Colorado 16.7
Abigail Johnson Massachusetts 16.2
Raymond Dalio Connecticut 14.3
Anne Cox Chambers Georgia 12.1
James Goodnight North Carolina 11.1
Richard Cohen New Hampshire 10.1
David Tepper New Jersey 10.0
John Menard, Jr. Wisconsin 9.2
Jack C. Taylor Missouri 7.4
Micky Arison Florida 6.5
Kenneth Dart Michigan 5.8
Dennis Washington Montana 5.8
Kenneth C. Griffin Illinois 5.3
Gayle Cook Indiana 5.1
Leslie Wexner Ohio 5.1
Bruce Halle, Sr. Arizona 4.7
Thomas Frist, Jr. Tennessee 4.3
Whitney MacMillan Minnesota 3.8
Theodore Lerner Maryland 3.7
Anita Zucker South Carolina 2.7
Brad M. Kelley Kentucky 2.0
Marguerite Harbert Alabama 1.8
John S. Middleton Pennsylvania 1.8
Jonathan Nelson Rhode Island 1.6
Robert Stiller Vermont 1.6
James C. Justice II West Virginia 1.6
Thomas Benson Louisiana 1.5
Dennis Albaugh Iowa 1.4
Frank Vandersloot Idaho 1.2
Gary Tharaldson North Dakota 1.0
Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. Utah 0.95
Mack C. Chase New Mexico 0.91
David H. Nutt Mississippi 0.88
Leon Gorman Maine 0.84
Robert Gore Delaware 0.83
Jay Shidler Hawaii 0.70
T. Denny Sanford South Dakota 0.58
Robert Gillam Alaska 0.48
Jonathan Ledecky Wyoming 0.34

Source: Wealth-X

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