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Transcript: Skip prepared foods to save

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Tease: You know there?s a saying: When you pay more, you get more. That may be true of lots of things in life, but it?s not true in your kitchen. explains.

Voice over 1: If you?re looking for ways to save money, this is a good place to start. Not just because we all spend a lot here?.but because many of us waste a lot here.

SOT: ?15 to 20% of their budget is on either things that they don?t use and throw away or shouldn?t be buying in the first place?like processed cookies and things.?

Voice over 2: Jorj Morgan is the author of multiple cookbooks?and an authority on serving up savings when it comes to food. So what?s the single best piece of advice she has when it comes to saving on food?

SOT: ?Buy food that?s not prepared by somebody else. Buy an onion and chop it up. Don?t buy a chopped up onion. Buy a tomato and chop it up. Don?t buy food that somebody else prepares for you?because you?re paying them to do it!?

Voice over 3: Something you might already know…but next time you?re strolling the aisles, think about this.

SOT: ?Canned tomatoes: 99 cents. Prepared tomato sauce? This one because it?s got a chef?s name on it: 10 dollars and 10 cents. Unbelievable.?

Voice over 4: And that was just one example?she had many, many more.

Voice over 5: Of course, we all have excuses for not starting from scratch: namely: not enough knowledge; or the ever popular: not enough time.

SOT: ?You need to make the time and it?s just not that hard to cook! I mean, it?s important that you create good family meals…good food…and you get value for your dollar!

Standup: Other than cars and housing, the average American family spends more on food than anything else: about 5 grand a year. But with food, sometimes you can actually get more by paying less. Think about it. For, I?m Kristin Arnold.