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Transcript: Saving on drugs

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Standup: If you find it difficult to save money, there’s a popular pill that can help. In fact, lots of the pills you take might help. shows you how buying generics can cut your drug cost by 30 percent or more … without sacrificing quality.

Voice-over 1: You’d like to save a little extra money, but its just too much of a headache. Well, you can get some extra money while you take care of that aching head, and it’s virtually painless: just buy the identical pain reliever for half the price.

Voice-over 2: Fact is, if you buy national brand pain relievers in favor of store brands, then maybe you should have your head examined. Because in some cases, if not most, these generics aren’t similar: they’re identical.

Voice-over 3: And look at the savings. Tylenol costs 30 percent more than generic Acetaminophen. Advil costs 60 percent more than generic Ibuprofen, and Bayer costs more than four times as much as generic aspirin. Why would anyone pay that kind of premium for substantially identical products?

SOT: “I do really think brand-name works better.”

Voice-over 4: This is a common response: Research indicates some people actually prefer brand names because they cost more. Logic being is you pay more, you must get more.

Voice over 5: There’s only one problem with that logic. It’s tough to find an expert that will back it up.

SOT: “By paying more, you’re simply paying for the advertising that goes into promoting the brand name products.” You’re not getting a better product for the money? “Absolutely not!”

Standup: So if you think it’s a pain to find the money to start a savings program, here’s some advice. Take two generic aspirin, and call a mutual fund in the morning. Because $20 a month earning 12 percent for 20 years adds up to a soothing 20 grand. For, I’m Kristin Arnold.