Synchrony Bank CD rates


Synchrony Bank is an online bank that offers a variety of savings products, including certificates of deposit (CDs). Synchrony offers a wide range of CD terms. There is no minimum deposit requirement to open a Synchrony CD.

Synchrony is best for savers who are comfortable banking only online.

Synchrony Bank earned 4.3 out of 5 stars in Bankrate’s review.

Synchrony CD rates

Here’s a closer look at Synchrony’s CD rates.

Account name Term APY
CD 3 months 0.15%
CD 6 months 0.25%
CD 9 months 0.35%
CD 12 months 0.50%
CD 13 months 0.50%
CD 14 months 0.50%
CD 15 months 0.50%
CD 18 months 0.50%
CD 24 months 0.60%
CD 36 months 0.65%
CD 48 months 0.65%
CD 60 months 0.80%

Note: The APY (annual percentage yield) shown is as of June 5, 2021. The APYs for some products may vary by region.

How Synchrony rates compare to top-yielding banks

Synchrony has offers a wide variety of terms and competitive rates. You can easily set up a CD ladder with Synchrony and earn a solid return when compared to what other banks are paying on their CDs. Still, be sure to shop around to see which banks offer the best CD rates on the terms you’re looking for.

Other savings options at Synchrony

Synchrony also offers savings accounts and money market accounts.

Synchrony’s savings account is a good option to earn a solid return without locking your money into a CD. The savings account currently offers higher rates than the bank’s money market account. It also beats out the rates offered by many competitors, making it a good way to earn a solid return without locking your money into a CD.

The money market account offers a lower interest rate than the bank’s 12-month CD. Unless you value the flexibility that a money market accounts offer, the account isn’t a great choice for savers seeking the highest rate.

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