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Rebecca Betterton

Writer, Auto Loans and Personal Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Personal loans
  • Personal finance
  • Budgeting
  • Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications, Elon University


Rebecca Betterton is a writer for Bankrate who has been reporting on auto loans since 2021. Through her writing, Rebecca aims to provide clarity and accessibility to the automotive loans industry as the cost to finance new and used vehicles continues to climb due to steep inflation.

She specializes in assisting readers in navigating the ins and outs of securely borrowing money to purchase a car, but recently widened her scope to cover personal loans and other debt topics. Prior to her time at Bankrate, she was a social media reporter and copywriter.

When Rebecca isn’t researching recent trends in the world of personal finance, she is an avid runner and a lover of interior design.

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Rebecca understands the anxiety that comes with heading to a dealership. She is passionate about empowering readers to make informed financial decisions in the showroom through focused advice and guidance. Outside of that, she has spent the last year researching EV financing and trends to make it more accessible for all sorts of drivers.

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