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Claire Dickey

Former Editor, Credit Cards
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Travel credit cards
  • Credit card news
  • Building credit
  • A.B.J. Advertising, Grady College of Journalism at The University of Georgia


Claire Dickey is a credit cards editor at Bankrate, focusing on news, product guides and educational content. Her areas of expertise include rewards and travel credit cards, building credit and credit card news. Always on the lookout for the latest credit cards and card perks, as well as cards-related legislation and regulations, Claire is passionate about demystifying personal finance topics. Her goal is to help readers save money, earn rewards and protect their credit scores.

When she’s not strategizing about how to maximize rewards on her next trip, Claire is an avid runner and day hiker.

Claire wants you to know

If you’re trying to build credit, my best advice is to keep things simple. A credit card is a great way to show your creditworthiness, but picking one can be overwhelming since there are so many options out there and so many features to consider. Stick to the basics: Look for a card with low fees and the option to put down a large deposit and get a matching credit limit. If you pay on time and only charge small purchases to the card, your score can grow surprisingly quickly.

Claire's recommended readings

There’s no reason to feel intimidated by a credit card. As long as you pay off your purchases every month, there’s little risk and tons of upside.

— Claire Dickey

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