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Conquering your to-do list is easier now than ever before, thanks to smartphones. Your phone can be a valuable teammate for tackling home improvement projects because of the prevalence of innovative home improvement apps. These handy apps can help answer your most complex questions and scout out the resources you need to finish a project.

Finding a home improvement app

When you’ve got a project in mind, did you know you can find apps specifically geared toward your project? For example, if you’re working on some simple DIYs, like hanging pictures and shelves, you can find apps that help you measure the wall space you need and visualize the new decor on your walls.

Working on a carpentry project? You can find apps that will help you estimate the wood you need or locate lumber for the cheapest price in your area.

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Your home improvement app toolbox

When you’ve got a list of home improvement projects to work on, stock your phone with a convenient toolbox of apps to help you get your projects done right. Here are some of the main apps you’ll want to have on hand:

  • iHandy Level: An essential part of hanging any frame or building a straight dresser, shelf, or table is checking to see whether your project is level. Mess up the leveling, and you’ll be coping with a crooked picture or slanted piece of furniture until you simply can’t deal with it anymore. Avoid the frustration of digging out your old traditional lever by employing the balance sensors in your phone through the iHandy Level. You can use the iHandy Level for home decoration, picture alignment, angle measurement, slope, verticality, inclination and even roof pitch calculation.
  • RoomScan Pro: Get a digital blueprint of your home in your pocket with minimal effort. RoomScan Pro is a paid app that allows you to use your phone to scan your home and measure the spatial relationship of walls to give you an accurate digital rendering of your place. Pull it out when you head to the home improvement store so you know exactly how much carpet to order or what length curtain rods you need for the master bedroom. You can touch your phone against walls, scan the floor and add walls and get precise measurements.
  • Handyman Calculator: Never ponder the amount of material you need for a project or fret over the conversion of centimeters to yards again. Handyman Calculator runs the conversions and calculations for you. Simply enter the info you know, run the calculator, and get your results. Not only can you calculate materials, you can also track invoices, time spent and manage to-do lists.
  • TapPainter: Repainting your first floor or the kids’ bathroom? Don’t use unreliable paint chips to tell you whether a color’s going to work in a room. Instead, visualize your room with a fresh coat of paint through the TapPainter app. The app even analyzes the changes in interior lighting and adjusts the color brightness based on the room’s lighting within the image.
  • Home Design 3D: It’s easy to use the Home Design 3D app to completely design and remodel your house in 3D. You can design a floorplan, furnish and decorate and visualize and visit your creation.
  • Visualize home improvement products with 3D models. You can see how items will look and function in your space to help you make the best choice. You can even see how light fixtures will look in a space, check out how a ceiling fan will look in a room and even what kind of sink or toilet looks good in your bathroom.
  • Magicplan: This app allows you to create floor plans by scanning a room in up to 30 seconds and build up complete floor plans in minutes. You’ll also get extra features like material and cost estimation, 3D models and virtual tours.
  • Housecraft: Housecraft’s app allows you to feel exactly how big objects are and how they’ll fit in your space. You can check out objects from any angle in any light and save room configurations.

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Design assistants

If you’re looking for inspiration, design apps can give you a push in the right direction. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want some ideas for a project you already have in mind, the following design apps act as handy assistants for plotting your interior design:


Pinterest is a resource that’s totally free and chock full of style inspiration. From organization to choosing paint colors, you’ll find everything you need and the links back to blogs where you can access tutorials for getting the job done.


Houzz is equal parts inspiration gallery and home improvement encyclopedia. This app contains thousands of articles and tutorials that show you how to complete projects on your own and connects you to professionals who can take your design and make it real. Houzz has visualization tools so you can “install” furniture virtually before you make the big decision on a new couch or bed.

Furniture stores that have apps

Stores now have apps so that you can visualize furniture in your new space, called augmented reality. Are there any other stores that have these if you’re going to refurnish the room after your improvements?


Wayfair’s 3D View in Room app feature is a great tool whether you’re redoing an entire room, furnishing a whole house or searching for a great deal. You can see life-sized versions of products, arrange furniture and design your ideal space with Wayfair’s Room Planner tool and in addition, iron out your personal style with the app.

IKEA Place

IKEA Place uses augmented reality compatible with being able to virtually place IKEA products in your space. You’ll get 3D and true-to-scale models of everything from couches and overstuffed chairs to lamps and side tables. IKEA Place can give you a spot-on impression of the furniture’s size, design and functionality in your home.

Time to get to work

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