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A student credit card can help you enjoy financial flexibility, earn rewards and build up a credit file during your college years. The best credit cards for students offer credit limit increases for on-time payments, cash-back on purchases, 0% intro APR offers, low-APR balance transfers and even cash bonuses for good grades.

To get started, you need to find a student credit card that fits your spending and financial management needs. To stretch a tight student budget, look for a cash-back card that pays you back on daily expenses like groceries, take-out and fuel. For large purchases or school fees, a student credit card with a 0% intro APR offer can help you avoid interest charges while you pay off balances.

Our Bankrate experts rated the best credit cards for students based on several factors. Accessibility and credit requirements, credit-building features, fees, APR and perks like cash-back rewards are the key criteria we used to make our evaluations. In our credit card reviews below, you can compare offers and find expert recommendations for your budget and spending habits.

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