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Angelica Leicht

  • Auto insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Bachelor's degree in English Literature, the University of Houston


  • Numerous roles as a personal finance writer and editor on topics ranging from insurance to mortgages
  • Featured in The Motley Fool, Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, Interest, MSN Money, Stacker, The Spruce, Houston Press and Very Well


Angelica Leicht is an insurance editor on the Bankrate team. She is truly passionate about helping readers make well-informed decisions for their wallets, whether the goal is to find the right comprehensive auto policy or the best life insurance policy for their needs.

Outside of work, Angelica likes to spend her time cranking old records on a vintage phonograph, discussing how blockchain technology might revolutionize the personal finance space, or binging the latest episode of a true crime podcast.

Making the right money decisions can be tough, which is why it's important to me to help make financial content more informative, accurate, and accessible.

— Angelica Leicht

Angelica's latest articles

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    What does renters insurance cover?

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    Understanding car depreciation

    Depreciation is a fact of life when it comes to cars. Over time, every car will lose some of its value. This is called depreciation, and it’s the reason why used cars are usually cheaper than new cars. [...]

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    Gap insurance in Texas

    Do you know what the limit is on Gap insurance in Texas? Learn in this review.

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    What is a car warranty?

    Bankrate’s guide to car warranties will help answer questions you may have.

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