The Southeastern hub of Atlanta has a growing population, a robust job market and plenty of culture. In fact, it was named one of Zillow’s 10 hottest housing markets of 2023 — and in a hot market, there is plenty of housing demand. So sellers should have a relatively easy time of it. But what if you not only want to sell your home here, but sell it as quickly as possible? Read on for details on how to sell your Atlanta house fast.

How fast can you sell your home in Atlanta?

While the housing market in Atlanta is competitive, with Redfin saying homes receive an average of three offers, it still takes about a month for a listed property to sell. Redfin’s data shows that the median number of days homes spent on the market in August was 29, a four-day increase over August of last year.

Of course, sales in August may be slowing down as part of a normal seasonal trend. Late spring and early summer tend to be the best times to sell a house, as families are typically looking to get settled into their new home before the school year begins, so late summer is a natural pausing point.

Working with a local real estate agent who knows your corner of Atlanta well — and ideally, your exact neighborhood — can help smooth the path to a quick sale. But if you’re really in a rush, there are ways to speed the process along.

Need to sell even faster?

If you have no time to spare, here are some tips to sell your Atlanta home even faster:

  • Sell for cash: There are plenty of local and national companies that specialize in buying homes for cash. These outfits, such as the aptly named We Buy Houses, are able to operate with lightning speed — they make you an offer and pay in full, so you get cash fast with no need to wait for a buyer’s financing to be approved. The downside is you probably won’t make as much money as you might otherwise. They need to be able to resell for a profit, so they aren’t likely to pay top dollar.
  • Use an iBuyer: These online-only companies work in a similar manner, often making a cash offer within 48 hours or less. The two biggest players, Opendoor and Offerpad, both buy properties in the Atlanta area.
  • Price to move: The median sale price in August in Atlanta was just under $419,000, per Redfin. If you want to grab attention and ideally get a quick offer, try pricing a bit below that instead of reaching for the stars with a higher list price. Work closely with your agent here, to make sure you know exactly how much your home is worth and what the pricing sweet spot will be.
  • Be willing to compromise: When you’re in a hurry to make a sale, there’s no time for lengthy back-and-forth negotiation. It’s vital to be flexible and be open to seller concessions if you want to close the deal quickly.

Selling your home in Atlanta

If you plan to go the traditional selling route, here are some questions to consider before you list:

Is it worth upgrading your home before you sell?

Most renovation projects take a long time to complete and won’t give you a full return on investment when you sell. So, instead of doing extensive upgrades, focus on smaller, more manageable ways to increase your home’s value, like landscaping, a fresh coat of paint or energy-efficient appliances. If you want to sell your Atlanta home fast, there’s no time for big, complicated home improvements.

What should you fix before selling?

Consult with your agent about whether it’s worth fixing any issues in your home before you list it. Not everything needs repairing, but if something is particularly glaring it may be worth the money. You might also spring for a pre-listing inspection, which will identify any major problems so you can make an informed decision about whether to repair it now, or leave it to the buyer.

Should you pay to stage your home?

Some homes — particularly ones that are either very cluttered or completely empty (because you already moved out) — can benefit from professional staging. This helps the property look its best for potential buyers by arranging the rooms in a way that lets them shine. Helping buyers envision it as their own home could lead to a faster offer.

How should you price your listing?

Despite the current sky-high mortgage rates, home prices in Atlanta are rising. The median price is up nearly 5 percent year-over-year according to Redfin. Work closely with your agent to determine how much your asking price should be. Together you can consult market comps, looking at info about recently sold homes as geographically close to yours as possible, ideally in the same neighborhood, and similar in size and features as well.

What do you need to disclose to the buyer?

Unlike many states, Georgia home sellers are not required to complete a written disclosure statement for the buyer. However, you do still need to inform them about any defects or problems verbally. Be very honest — the less back-and-forth with the buyer asking questions, the faster your sale will move. If your home is part of a homeowners association, you’ll have to share its financial information and bylaws as well.

Closing day

This is an exciting milestone, as it means your sale is nearly complete. But before receiving your money, you’ll need to pay off your mortgage balance and pay your closing costs.

Costs of selling a home in Atlanta

Here are some of the expenses an Atlanta home seller typically covers at closing:

  • Real estate commissions: Sellers are responsible for covering the Realtor commissions on a real estate deal, which typically run between 5 and 6 percent of a home’s price. This will be your biggest expense as far as closing costs go: On a median-priced $419,000 Atlanta home, 6 percent comes to $25,140.
  • Attorney fees: You can’t sell a house in Georgia without legal help — it is one of several states that require an attorney to oversee real estate closings.
  • Transfer taxes: Sellers typically pay Georgia’s transfer tax, or the fee to transfer the home’s legal ownership to the buyer. This runs approximately $1 for each $1,000 in value.
  • Capital gains tax: If you make a large profit when you sell your Atlanta home, you might have to pay capital gains taxes. Be sure to consult a tax professional if you’re not sure.

Next steps

What’s the best course of action for you? If you’re in a rush, need cash quick or just want to sell your house in Atlanta as fast as possible, reach out to an iBuyer or a homebuying company and see what they’ll offer you. Or, if you’d rather take a bit more time in the hopes of making a bit more profit, reach out to an experienced real estate agent who knows your part of Atlanta. Look at yard signs in your neighborhood, ask around for recommendations and interview several candidates before selecting the right one for you — just make sure they understand that time is of the essence.


  • It is. According to August 2023 data from Redfin, Atlanta homes receive an average of three offers, and median prices have risen close to 5 percent since August of last year. The city was named one of 2023’s top 10 hottest markets by Zillow.
  • Atlanta homes sold in a median of 29 days in August 2023, per Redfin. That figure represents the amount of time it took for a home to go into contract; it will take even more time after that to actually close. If you need to move faster, look into a homebuying company or an iBuyer — both Opendoor and Offerpad buy homes in the Atlanta area, and they can close a deal significantly faster.