Finance isn’t only about what’s in your bank account, how much you make or what debts you might have. Finance is impacted by – and can impact – many aspects of your lifestyle and mental well-being. This is why tackling financial challenges, from balancing your budget to paying off debt, takes a holistic, or whole human, approach.

National Debt Relief (NDR) focuses on this whole human approach, helping clients pay off their debt while setting them up for long-term financial success. While debt relief alone can help ease some of the financial burden of a loan balance, it’s important to take a step further than reducing your debt payments.

Paying attention to the mental toll of debt, the reasons you got into debt in the first place and the next steps you need to take after your balance is paid off is a part of Whole Human Finance™ – and the center of NDR’s program, which helps clients before, during and after their debt repayment journey.

While there are many options for debt relief and settlement companies, NDR might be right for you if you want debt relief with education, compassion and transparency.

What is Whole Human Finance?

While debt can happen to anyone for any reason, it’s important to look at the factors that may have led to you taking on debt.

A lost job, for example, can easily result in personal loans if you lack a sufficient emergency fund to cover your essentials. Medical debts can pile up even if you have insurance, and an unbalanced budget can easily turn into a credit card balance after a few months of spending.

Other factors can compound into how you manage your debt. A lack of knowledge about payment methods might make the process too intimidating, and not knowing what resources are available can prevent you from getting the help you need. The psychological toll of debt can also cause long-term stress, impacting your everyday life.

Looking at the root cause of your debt, the roadblocks to paying it off, your overall relationship with your finances and your mental health are all integral to tackling your debt in a sustainable way – and are all part of NDR’s Whole Human Finance approach to debt relief.

NDR approaches each client’s situation with a personalized approach and compassion, working with clients to learn about their unique situations and helping them organize their debts and payments. If a client qualifies, NDR helps reduce the debt balance and builds a payment plan that works for the client.

Each client works with individual certified debt specialists and their client success team to reduce their balance and connect them to resources and education materials that support financial success.

Finding hope in debt relief

If you’re feeling overburdened by your unsecured debt and struggling to pay it off, you might be considering working with a debt relief company.

NDR is an A+ BBB-rated business with over 70,000 5-star client reviews. It has helped over 500,000 people reduce their debt payments by hundreds of dollars, often resulting in paying off the debt in an average of 24 to 48 months and for 50% less than the original amount owed before fees.

While the exact debt relief process can differ depending on your circumstances, if you choose to use NDR for your debt relief journey, you can expect a few key steps.

Consultation and referral

First is the initial consultation with an NDR-certified debt specialist. The consultation is completely free of charge and has no obligations for further services if you choose not to pursue debt relief with NDR.

The debt specialist will walk you through the process, explain what you need to qualify for debt relief, go over the fees and payment options and what steps you need to take next. They will also evaluate your situation and connect you to resources to help you with the debt repayment journey ahead.

Settling down your debt

If you qualify with NDR and choose to move forward, you’ll stop making payments to your creditors and instead deposit your payments into a dedicated savings account with your name on it.

NDR’s dedicated team will contact your creditors and negotiate the balance of your debts by promising that the lowered balance will be paid off. This usually takes four to six months, during which you’ll build up funds in your account.

Once the creditor has made an offer of reduced debt balance, the NDR team will notify you and allow you to approve or deny the offer. Once approved, NDR will use the funds in your dedicated account to pay off the debt.

Your creditors can retain some of the money they loaned you while you reduce your debt payments and balance.

Paying off your debt

If NDR is unable to settle down any of your debt balances, you don’t have to pay any fees or make any additional deposits to NDR. You’ll never pay for more than the amount you enroll with.

If your balance is settled, you can move on to the next step: Making your new, reduced payments from your account.

Once your balance is paid off, your journey doesn’t end there. NDR offers tools, resources and education to help you build a sustainable financial plan. This plan can help you stay out of the cycle of debt, build toward your financial goals and establish a more secure future for yourself and your family.

A personal relationship from the start

When you choose to work with NDR, you can expect to build a personal relationship with the team assigned to work on your case.

NDR understands that debt not only represents a financial burden but also an emotional and psychological burden and takes that into account throughout your debt journey.

During your consultation, you can expect questions about your debt, income and financial situation. Each NDR team member is trained to take you through the debt relief process, including the mental and financial aspects of how you got into your debt. NDR’s debt specialists take the time to assess each client and pair them with the services that fit their needs best.

Even if you don’t qualify for NDR’s debt relief process, you can still find help. NDR can refer you to one of its qualified partners who can help you settle or manage your debt, depending on your circumstances.

A financial plan that works for you and your future

NDR doesn’t simply look at your debt balances and come up with a payment on the fly. As part of a Whole Human Finance approach, you can expect your circumstances to play a big role in how much your new monthly payment will be.

When evaluating your financial situation and debts, NDR will look at your budget and income to negotiate a payment plan that fits your needs and timeline. The NDR team will account for NDR’s fees in your new payment structure. All you’ll have to worry about is making payments into your dedicated savings account, which NDR will use to pay off your creditors’ remaining balances and the NDR fees.

This way, you can not only reduce the amount you’re paying on your unsecured debts but also make payments that fit your budget and give you a timeline for paying off your debt.

With NDR, you won’t have to pay upfront. All initial consultations are free, and you have no obligation to continue if you don’t feel NDR is right for you.

NDR: Holistic debt relief you can trust

National Debt Relief works hard to remain a trustworthy entity to both its clients and creditors, offering hope and relief to those who are struggling under the burden of debt and giving its clients a path out of the cycle of debt.

With NDR’s focus on transparency, holistic relief and empowerment, clients can pay off their debts with confidence, knowing that a debt-free future is in their reach.


NDR’s team will keep you informed of the debt relief process every step of the way with no hidden surprises, fees or extra payments.

While the debt relief process is different for everyone and can change, you can expect to stay informed throughout your journey. You will always know how much you’ll be paying, your debt balance, how your credit will be impacted and your payment timeline. NDR will never accept a creditor offer without your explicit approval. You will have direct control over the debt you choose to repay.

If you have questions, you can contact a member of the NDR team directly during and after the process.

Holistic debt relief

NDR, as mentioned above, doesn’t just settle your debts and give you a payment plan without checking if you can pay for it. Instead, the NDR team will work with you to build a payment plan – and, if needed, a budget – that accounts for your necessities, other debts, income and other expenses.

NDR understands that its clients aren’t just numbers on a sheet. Each case is unique, and what works for one client might not work for another. An NDR team member will look over your case and work out a payment plan that’s sustainable for you.

In addition, NDR emphasizes education around financial well-being. You can expect the NDR team to help guide you through the payment process, help you find ways to save money and connect you to financial and social resources.

Finally, the NDR team can help you determine how your financial situation affects you mentally and, if needed, get you the help you need if your debt overwhelms you with stress.


NDR doesn’t only care about reducing your debt payments. Working with NDR means you’ll be working with a team that wants you to take control of your finances, build a financial future and empower yourself to make smart financial decisions.

While making your new debt payments, you can expect regular check-ins and follow-ups from the NDR team. You’ll also get guidance on how to avoid future debt, resources for educating yourself further on your finances and, if needed, further help in reducing or managing your other debts.

This way, you can have the confidence of knowing that after your debt balance is paid off, you can continue to build a better financial future for yourself and your loved ones.

If you’re interested in learning more about National Debt Relief, check out or call 800-300-9550 for a free, zero-obligation consultation with a certified debt specialist.

What next?

While debt can happen to anyone, and you might feel discouraged about your situation, there is hope. With NDR’s focus on Whole Human Finance, you can reduce your debt and empower yourself to find help for your entire situation – not just your bank account.

If you want to learn more about managing your finances, mental health and debt repayment plan, check out Bankrate and National Debt Relief’s ongoing article series about all things debt. Watch this space for tips, tricks and exclusive stories from readers like you and their debt repayment journeys.