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Jeff Greenfield

CNN political analyst

Fame & Fortune Q&A:
Bankrate: Do you have an investment strategy?

Jeff Greenfield: I don’t have any investment strategy, but I’ve never been leveraged. I’ve always felt that there may be a time when the news business says, “You know, we’ve had enough of you, Greenfield. Move on,” and I never wanted to be in a position to say, “Oh my god. I’ve got all these debts that I have to handle.” So I’ve done this pretty cautiously.

I’ve been lucky enough to live well for a long time. I’ve been well-compensated for what I do. I don’t live large. My needs are not extravagant, but I enjoy life. That’s what it’s meant for me.

Lesson learned: 
Don’t be extravagant, but enjoy life.
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