Key takeaways

  • The Citi Rewards+® Card offers 2X points at supermarkets and gas stations on up to $6,000 in purchases per year (then 1X points)
  • This card is great for small transactions because each purchase automatically gets rounded up to the nearest 10X points, helping cardholders accumulate points faster
  • Another key benefit is the 10 percent points redemption bonus, which is offered on the first 100,000 points redeemed annually
  • Other perks to love include a welcome offer, intro APR offer and $0 annual fee

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Some rewards credit cards offer such valuable perks that you can’t help but feel grateful when they’re in your wallet. The Citi Rewards+® Card falls into that category for many consumers, especially those who use their card primarily at grocery stores or the gas pump.

The Citi Rewards+ Card offers ThankYou points on supermarket and gas purchases for no annual fee, which can help on-the-go families earn points on their everyday purchases. Plus, there are a few point-boosting features that sweeten the deal further for cardholders.

To learn more about why this rewards card is so appealing, we interviewed current cardholder Max Marvelous, a financial coach at MaxMyMoney. Read on to see what makes the Citi Rewards+ Card so special.

What to love about the Citi Rewards+ Card

Rewards structure focused on gas and grocery purchases

Max says he chose the Citi Rewards+ Card because, “As someone who spends quite a bit at grocery stores, 2X ThankYou points is a great perk.”

As a cardholder, you’ll earn 2X points at supermarkets and gas stations on up to $6,000 in purchases per year. Once that threshold is reached, you’ll earn 1X points. Plus, as a special offer, you can earn 5X points per dollar spent on hotels, car rentals and attractions booked through (offer ends December 31, 2025). All other non-category purchases earn 1X points.

In terms of rewards value, if you max out the $6,000 spending cap on supermarket and gas station purchases, that’s $120 in gift cards.

Max likes to maximize his credit card rewards, so when he’s not buying food or fuel, he turns to other cards like the American Express Cash Magnet® Card*, which lets him rack up an unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all eligible purchases.

Round-up feature

The Citi Rewards+ Card is great to use for small transactions because each purchase automatically gets rounded up to the nearest 10X points. “This means a $1 coffee earns 10 points, not 1 point,” Max says.

This unique card feature can help cardholders who regularly visit coffee shops or convenience stores (or make smaller purchases in general) accumulate points quickly.

10% redemption bonus

Max says that his favorite benefit of the card is getting a 10 percent redemption bonus when he cashes in his points. Citi grants this bonus on the first 100,000 points redeemed annually, meaning cardholders can receive up to an additional 10,000 points back per year, worth $100 in gift cards.

Easy rewards redemption

Citi makes it easy for cardholders to redeem their points. “It’s been very simple. I choose how many points to redeem, click okay and the points are used that same day,” Max says.

Cardholders also have a range of options when it’s time to cash in. You can redeem your points for gift cards, statement credits, charitable donations and travel. Or, you can redeem points through Shop with Points on or or through Pay with Points to cover eligible purchases with a statement credit. Note, though, points may be more or less valuable based on how they’re redeemed. For example, points exchanged for gift cards are each worth 1 cent each.

Also, the ThankYou points you earn with this card are considered “basic,” which typically means you can’t transfer them to all available Citi airline and hotel partners unless you pool them into a more premium Citi credit card account. However, with the Citi Rewards+ Card, you can transfer qualifying points to a participating Choice Privileges, JetBlue TrueBlue or Wyndham Rewards loyalty program account.

Welcome bonus

New cardholders can earn a welcome bonus of 20,000 points after they spend $1,500 in purchases within three months of account opening (worth $200 in gift cards at Spending at least $1,500 — or $500 a month — in the first three months on supermarket and gas station purchases is fairly easy to do and can help new cardholders boost their rewards right off the bat.

No annual fee

One major perk of the Citi Rewards+ Card is that there’s no annual fee. That means any points earned are pure profit for the cardholder (assuming they pay their balance in full each month and avoid racking up interest).

Max is glad that he doesn’t have to pay a yearly fee and notes that he generally tends to shy away from premium cards unless he can “use the full benefits” to make it worthwhile.

Intro APR offer

Max says he signed up for the Citi Rewards+ Card in late 2019. At that time, Citi extended a zero-interest offer for one year.

Now, new cardholders can enjoy a 0 percent intro APR for 15 months on both purchases (from the date of account opening) and qualifying balance transfers (from the date of the first transfer; balance transfers must be made within the first four months). After the introductory period, the card’s variable APR ranges from 18.74 percent to 28.74 percent.

Be aware that the card does charge an intro balance transfer fee of $5 or 3 percent of the transfer amount (whichever is greater) for transfers made within the first four months. That percentage increases to 5 percent (minimum $5) for cardholders who transfer a balance after the first four months.

The bottom line

While there may be cards with richer perks (and likely higher fees) out there, the Citi Rewards+ Card can help you maximize your everyday spending. You can quickly rack up points on supermarket purchases and at the pump while enjoying benefits like the round-up feature and 10-percent-point redemption bonus.

The right credit card for you depends on your spending patterns and financial goals. So, while you may be thinking about adding the Citi Rewards+ Card to your wallet, be sure to research other top rewards credit cards before applying.

*The information about the American Express Cash Magnet® Card has been collected independently by The card details have not been reviewed or approved by the card issuer.