Key takeaways

  • The Amex Global Lounge Collection gets you access to well over 1,000 airport lounges across the world, including Centurion and Priority Pass lounges
  • By owning select American Express credit cards, you can gain access to these lounges and take advantage of their perks — like free food and drinks and Wi-Fi access

The American Express Global Lounge Collection is unique among other airport lounge memberships since it includes a range of lounges offered through the card network itself, plus access to other types of lounges and a Priority Pass Select membership. This makes the American Express Global Lounge Collection the broadest and most useful lounge membership you can get with a travel credit card.

But, which lounges are included in this membership? And how do you access these lounges once you join? Read on to find out how to enroll in American Express Global Lounge Collection and which lounges you can use once you do.

What is the American Express Global Lounge Collection?

The American Express Global Lounge Collection is the Amex collection of lounges you can enter with an eligible American Express credit card, though it’s important to note that you can only enter certain lounges within the collection under specific conditions.

American Express says on its website that this membership lets you enter 1,200 airport lounges in the world, but I find that hard to believe since the Priority Pass Select program offers 1,300 airport lounges on its own. Granted, having an Amex credit card does not give you access to airport restaurants that participate in the Priority Pass program, but there are only 31 of them in U.S. airports and limited options abroad. It’s more likely a number closer to 1,400+ lounges in total within the Amex lounge offering, although the number fluctuates since some locations change their membership status over time.

How to access the Global Lounge Collection

The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express are the two Amex credit cards that give you automatic access to the Amex Global Lounge Collection. Just having one of these cards lets you gain entry into lounges, so it doesn’t even matter how often you use your card.

You should also note that many lounges included in the Global Lounge Collection cannot be entered any other way. For example, Amex Centurion lounges do not offer day passes or memberships you can buy.

Amex lounges within the collection

American Express Global Lounge Collection locations are all around the world, and quite a few lounge brands are included. Here’s an overview of the different lounges included with this membership and some of their main details.

The Centurion Lounge

Amex has its own brand of airport lounges known as Centurion lounges, and there are currently 40+ locations worldwide when you count Escape lounges (which we cover in more detail below). These lounges include premium food and drink options, plus free Wi-Fi and plenty of space to relax. Some Centurion lounge locations even have showers and spa services.

Note that eligible cardholders have to pay a $50 guest fee ($30 for children ages 2 to 17) for each guest they want to bring into a Centurion lounge unless they spent $75,000 on their credit card the previous cardmember year to qualify for free guests.

The International American Express Lounges

Amex also offers several international lounges in locations like Argentina, Australia and India. These lounges have varying services and amenities based on the location, and there’s not a ton listed about them online other than the fact they exist.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass has more than 1,300 lounges in airports around the world, and having the right Amex credit card gets you a membership. These lounges are widely variable in terms of the amenities they offer, but the majority offer a selection of food and drink, free internet access and areas to work or relax.

Cardholders can even bring one guest into this lounge at no cost, although additional guests require a daily entrance fee that varies by the location.

Escape Lounges

Amex cardholders can also enter Escape lounges with their card, and they can bring up to two guests in for free with them. These lounges also provide a selection of light bites and beverages, internet service and places to lounge.

Delta Sky Clubs

Amex cardholders with an eligible card can also enter Delta Sky Clubs, but only when they are flying with the airline. There are more than 50+ locations worldwide, and these lounges are known for offering fine food and drinks, swanky accommodations and the best of everything.

Plaza Premium

There are more than 100 Plaza Premium airport lounges around the world that belong in this collection. These lounges serve food and drink, and they offer space to work and hang out with your traveling companions along with free Wi-Fi.


Amex Platinum cardholders can also utilize Lufthansa airport lounges only when they fly with the airline. American Express also notes that some (but not all) Lufthansa locations allow you to bring in guests for free.

Air Space

Your eligible Amex credit card can also get you into Air Space lounges in New York City (JFK), San Diego (SAN) and Cleveland (CLE). Cardholders can bring up to two companions in these lounges with them at no charge.

The bottom line

Having access to an airport lounge can make the flying experience much better, and in more ways than one. You’ll get free food and drink in most cases, which can lead to savings over the long haul. Plus, you can escape your loud and uncomfortable airport gate to enjoy some relaxation and peace.

The best part? Having the right Amex credit card can help you earn American Express Membership Rewards points and let you access airport lounges automatically. And with the American Express Global Lounge Collection, you’ll have the broadest membership available today.