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Read the latest advice from our team at Bankrate on credit card interest rates - how to understand credit card APRs, steps to minimize interest rate payments, where to find the best 0% APR offers, and everything in between.

Understanding Credit Card Interest Rates

Consumers shopping for a new credit card should pay attention to a wide range of details in the fine print. One of the most important details, if you are planning to carry a balance, is the ongoing variable APR. Use this guide to gain a broader understanding of credit card APRs and why they matter.

Recommended Advice on Credit Card Interest

Is credit card interest tax deductible?

Credit card interest on personal credit cards is not tax deductible, but interest on any card used exclusively for business purchases may be eligible for tax deductions.

What you need to know about grocery store-branded credit cards

It’s up for debate whether these cards can stock your pantry better than a rewards card.

New to credit cards? Here are 5 healthy habits to start as a student

Keep these tips in mind from the application process onward.

Use a 0% intro APR card to avoid the Ghost of Interest Future

Afraid of that January 2020 credit card bill? A 0% intro APR card could help you avoid interest on holiday purchases if you use the introductory offer strategically.

Do’s and don’ts of holiday shopping with a credit card

Keep these tips in mind to ensure safe and financially responsible spending.

Residual interest: What you need to know

It may feel unfair, but it’s legal: even after you’ve paid off your credit card debt, you may still owe money in interest.

The Best 0% Interest Credit Cards

The Best 0% Interest Credit Cards

Looking to finance your next large purchase? Our team of experts have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the best 0% APR credit card offers on the market today. Take a look at our top recommendations.

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