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Advice for building your credit score

Rebuilding your credit score can be a challenge that takes months or years to complete — but it's worth it.

The basics

Tools for rebuilding your credit

Practicing good credit habits

Improving your credit score takes time, consistency and patience. Here's what you can do — and the pitfalls to avoid — as you work toward taking your credit score from bad to fair, and beyond.

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8 Bad credit card habits you need to break

If you find yourself on a slippery slope with credit cards, you can still turn things around.

How to build credit without going into debt

It is possible to increase your credit score without incurring unnecessary debt

How bad credit affects your physical, mental health

Bad credit can be a source of stress, leading to mental and physical health issues.

Build your credit with secured credit cards

Secured credit cards are designed to help people with poor or no credit build their scores over time. Learn how a secured card can put you on the path toward better credit in the future.

What is a secured credit card and how does it work?

Building credit with a secured credit card is a great way to get your finances on track by establishing strong financial habits.

How to build credit with a secured card

Building credit with a secured credit card is an important step in establishing a positive credit history

How to choose a secured credit card

Take the time to review what to look for in a secured card to find the right fit for you.

Real-life stories about rebuilding credit

Improving your credit score and paying down debt is not impossible. Take inspiration from the following real-life stories. 

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