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Sara Coleman

  • Insurance


  • Insurance contributor
  • Reported on auto, homeowners, renters and disability insurance products
  • Featured in The Simple Dollar,, and other personal finance sites


Sara Coleman is an insurance contributor at Bankrate. She has a couple of years of experience in writing for insurance domains such as The Simple Dollar,, and numerous other personal finance sites. She writes about insurance products such as auto, homeowners, renters and disability.

Sara's latest articles

  • Average cost of car insurance in Mississippi for 2023

    The average cost of insurance in Mississippi is $492 per year for minimum coverage and $1,782 for full coverage, according to Bankrate’s study of quoted annual premiums. However, this number can change dramatically, depending on your age, the carrier you choose and your driving record - among other things. Mississippi has over 2 million licensed drivers, and each one will pay a different amount for premiums based on their own personal factors.

    4 min read Apr 11, 2023
  • Car insurance for delivery drivers

    Whether delivery driving is your full-time job or your side gig, you want to make sure you have the right insurance in place. Double-check that you have delivery insurance coverage to cover you in the event of an accident.

    5 min read Mar 02, 2023
  • Car insurance for Dodge Challengers in 2023

    Not only are certain vehicle types cheaper to insure than others, but every insurance company charges a different rate for the same makes and models. If you own a Dodge, the average cost of car insurance is going to vary greatly based on the provider you choose.

    4 min read Feb 02, 2023