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Lauren Ward

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  • Nearly a decade of writing experience covering insurance-related topics in the financial industry
  • Featured in The Simple Dollar and


Lauren Ward has nearly 10 years of experience in writing for insurance domains such as Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, and She covers auto, homeowners, life insurance, and other topics in the personal finance industry.

Lauren's latest articles

  • Senior lady on laptop - negative emotion

    FR-44 insurance in Florida

    After a serious traffic violation, Florida and Virginia drivers may be required to have what is called an FR-44 sent to their DMV to have a license reinstated. Contrary to common belief, ‘FR-44 insurance [...]

    4 min read Mar 29, 2021
  • Cop performing an eye coordination test

    Auto insurance after a DUI in Florida

    Nearly 8,500 Floridians were killed in car accidents involving a drunk driver between 2003 and 2012, and 2.1% of Florida drivers reported driving after drinking too much. Like other states, Florida takes [...]

    3 min read Mar 03, 2021
  • Old black man talking to a life insurance broker

    What is a Life Insurance Broker?

    It’s a common desire to make sure that when you pass away your family will be well taken care of. To that end, life insurance is an important planning tool that can ensure your family is prepared to [...]

    4 min read Mar 02, 2021
  • Car stuck in ditch

    Auto insurance after a DUI in Georgia

    If you live in Georgia, a DUI arrest is likely going to increase your car insurance premiums. It is also likely that you will have penalties and fines to pay. Georgia, like most states, takes drunk driving [...]

    3 min read Mar 02, 2021
  • Concerned black woman looking at her finances

    SR-22 Tennessee

    If you received a court order or letter from the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security instructing you to file an SR-22, you might not know what that means or how to follow those instructions. [...]

    5 min read Mar 01, 2021
  • Older couple at home, man with laptop

    SR-22 Minnesota

    If a state or court recently required you to get an SR-22, you might start looking for cheap SR-22 insurance in Minnesota. If so, you should know one important thing: Minnesota SR-22 insurance doesn’t [...]

    4 min read Feb 25, 2021
  • A woman sits in front of a computer contemplating her finances

    SR-22 Georgia

    Before you start searching for cheap SR-22 insurance in Georgia, you should know that SR-22 insurance doesn’t actually exist. An SR-22 is an order by a court or the state of Georgia to send proof of [...]

    5 min read Feb 23, 2021