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Elizabeth Rivelli

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies, Northeastern University


Elizabeth Rivelli is a contributor with more than three years of experience covering insurance and personal finance. Her expertise spans a wide range of insurance lines, including auto, home, renters and life insurance. She has also published content for several insurance providers, including Ethos Life.

In her career as a freelance writer, Elizabeth has written hundreds of insurance-focused articles with bylines in dozens of finance publications, such as Investopedia, The Balance, Money Under 30, and NextAdvisor.

Insurance has a reputation for being expensive and unnecessary. In reality, it's one of the best financial safety nets you can have, no matter how big your bank account is.

— Elizabeth Rivelli

Elizabeth's latest articles

  • A shot of an empty living room with a blue wall and a white chair.

    Vacant home insurance

    Keep reading to learn what vacant home insurance covers, who needs it and how to buy a policy.

    6 min read Jun 29, 2023
  • South Carolina flood insurance

    Typically, standard home insurance policies do not cover flood-related damages to your house or personal property. South Carolina homeowners can protect their homes with a separate flood insurance policy.

    5 min read Jun 23, 2023
  • Pennsylvania flood insurance

    Obtaining a homeowners’ insurance policy is essential for those seeking protection for their personal property. However, many homeowners may not realize that coverage for water damage due to flooding is often not included in standard homeowners’ insurance policies. Especially for Pennsylvania residents living in more flood-prone regions, securing a flood insurance policy is critical for having financial protection from unforeseen water damage.

    5 min read Jun 23, 2023
  • No down payment car insurance

    There are some insurance plans that are advertised as no money down auto insurance. Is there really such a thing and is it really that simple? Keep reading to learn more.

    7 min read Jun 02, 2023