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Money They Didn't Teach You

Money They Didn't Teach You

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About the series

Let's get real. You learned a lot in school, but still feel a little lost in the real world. No shade to the Pythagorean Theorem but sometimes you wonder why they didn't teach you about things that help in everyday life, like credit cards and budgeting.

So, we decided to grab a few of our favorite people to share money lessons they've learned. In our new YouTube series, people you know and love will talk all about the big money mistakes they made—and what they wish they'd done instead, so you can avoid making the same mistakes. Because no one has time for that $$$$.

Featured episode

Image for A simple money mistake kept my business stagnant
Business Ft. Tan France

A simple money mistake kept my business stagnant

Tan France hasn't always worked in entertainment. Before he shot to stardom on Netflix's Queer Eye, he was a small business owner who had to learn the hard way that while lines of credit can be useful for funding your business, using them the wrong way can end up making your business suffer.

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Image for I maxed out my first credit card
Credit Cards ft. Matt James

I maxed out my first credit card

Before he was the Bachelor, Matt James was a typical college student. He wanted to keep up with his peers and thought a credit card was the perfect answer... Until he realized he'd have to pay all that $$$$ back.

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Aja Dang
Emergency funds Ft. Aja Dang

My dog helped me get financially on track

When graduate school, undergrad student loans, credit card debt and car loans added up to $200,000 in debt, Aja Dang found herself overwhelmed to the point where she just ignored it. But a scary vet visit made her reevaluate her attitude toward her debt and see the importance of having an emergency fund.

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Learn how you can rebuild your emergency savings after a, well, emergency.
Budgeting Ft. Dasha Kennedy

$20 ended up costing me hundreds

Dasha Kennedy always avoided budgeting, until one small mistake (and a lot of splurging) led her to pay hundreds of dollars in unnecessary fees and interest. See how The Broke Black girl got her start with budgeting and learned the hard way that budgeting is important for avoiding costly mistakes.

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Image for I didn't think about budgeting when I started renovating my home
Home renovation Ft. Liz Lovery

I didn't think about budgeting when I started renovating my home

When Liz Loverly bought her first home, she couldn't wait to get started on renovations. But there are quite a lot of things she didn't think about before she got started—luckily, she's here to share with you what she wishes she'd known on her journey to homeownership and renovating.

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Learn how to decide if you should DIY or leave it to the pros.

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Explore home equity and HELOC rates to help finance your home renovation.

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See our top resources for homeowners, all in one place.
Image for I was in $140,000 of student debt
Student loans Ft. Sydney Ferbrache

I was in $140,000 of student debt

Like many Americans, Sydney Ferbrache graduated from college with a mountain of student debt. She decided to tackle it head-on and moved into a van so she could focus almost all her spending on her debt.

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