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How Ana Kasparian’s net worth was built

Ana Kasparian was born in Los Angeles to Armenian immigrants and studied journalism at California State University, Northridge and later pursued an MA in political science.

Kasparian began her career in news by working in radio, at two Los Angeles CBS news stations. In 2007, she was asked to fill in as a host on the Young Turks and was quickly asked to stay on after her short interim stint.

Kasparian has grown as an online political pundit and media guru. Her journalistic endeavors include continued work with the Young Turks as a co-host with Cenk Uyger and as the lead in her own YouTube show, “The Point with Ana Kasparian.”

Kasparian’s net worth was built from her pursuits in political journalism, and Celebrity Net Worth valued her at $2 million, as of May 2017.

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Ana Kasparian

  • Born: 1986 
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California 

What she’s up to now

Ana Kasparian continues her work with the Young Turks.

She’s recently been the subject of some controversy after publicly calling out a right-wing Protestant Fundamentalist pastor for being a “sexist” and having bogus accreditations.

Kasparian is a journalism teacher at California State, Northridge, where she teaches the art of journalism to undergrads.

Kasparian is romantically involved with actor and athlete Christian Lopez.


In 2015, Kasparian received a People’s Voice award for her work in reality online film and video.

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