Compare the top 10 solar installers

Shopping around for great products and services is part of the process for finding a solar installer. Some states have over a thousand solar installers operating in the area, while others only have a few dozen. As more people turn to solar panels for their homes, more solar installation companies are available to meet the demand. The growing number of installers gives you plenty of options but can make finding the right fit feel overwhelming.

The following are our picks for the top solar installers operating in multiple states (listed in alphabetical order). This list does not include installers servicing a single state or smaller region.

  • ADT Solar: Best for home security compatibility
  • Blue Raven: Best for upfront loan options
  • Elevation Solar: Best for whole-home energy efficiency
  • Lumio: Best for expedited installation
  • Momentum Solar: Best for financing options
  • Palmetto Solar: Best for post-installation customer support
  • Primitive Power: Best for warranty terms
  • SunPower Solar: Best for highly-efficient solar panels
  • Sunrun: Best for leasing solar panels
  • Tesla: Best for competitive prices

Can solar panels save you money?

ADT Solar (previously SunPro Solar): Best solar company for home security compatibility

Year founded SunPro Solar in 2008, ADT Solar in 2021
Service areas 23 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash payment, solar loan or lease
Warranty terms 25-year manufacturer warranty and 25-year production guarantee

What you should know about ADT Solar

ADT Solar is backed by one of the largest home security companies in the US. Customers can integrate their solar tracking with security software for total home monitoring. If you already own ADT security products, subscribe to its security service or are interested in home security in addition to solar panels, you should consider this installer. ADT offers a Price Protection Guarantee, which says ADT Solar will beat competitors’ prices for equal products and benefits. While ADT Solar has an A+ score with the BBB, the installer’s customer review score is 1.53 out of 5 stars. Some reviews note that the quality of post-installation customer service has declined since ADT acquired SunPro Solar.

Blue Raven Solar: Best solar company for low upfront loans

Year founded 2014
Service areas 21 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash payment or solar loan
Warranty terms 25-year manufacturer warranty and 10-year quality-of-work warranty

What to know about Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven Solar offers a unique financing program called BluePower Plus+, in which you don’t need to make any loan payments for the first 18 months after installation. This installer also offers a referral program, where you can receive between $500 and $1,500 for everyone you refer who purchases solar through Blue Raven. Blue Raven Solar doesn’t offer solar leases or PPAs. While solar leases aren’t right for everyone, some consumers may want to lease their system. If that’s the case, Blue Raven Solar may not be the right fit. This installer has a BBB customer review score of 4.42 out of 5 stars, which is much higher than many of its competitors. Many five-star reviews note the company’s strong customer service.

Elevation Solar: Best solar company for whole-home energy efficiency

Year founded 2014
Service areas 5 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash payment or solar loan
Warranty terms Minimum 25-year manufacturer and labor warranties

What to know about Eleveation Solar

Elevation Solar offers a “whole-home approach to energy,” which begins with an energy audit to find areas where you can lower your energy usage. In addition to solar, Elevation will also provide energy monitoring technology, insulation, duct sealing and more to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible. Elevation Solar only operates in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Texas. With a smaller service area than other national installers, Elevation Solar may not provide service in your state. However, if you live in its service area and are interested in solar panels because you want to become more energy efficient, Elevation Solar is a good candidate.

Lumio: Best solar company for expedited installation

Year founded 2020
Service areas 11 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash purchase, solar loan, lease or PPA
Warranty terms 25-year manufacturer warranty and 10-year quality-of-work warranty

What to know about Lumio

Lumio handles all permitting and approval processes before and after installation, which takes the responsibility off of the customer. Solar permitting is often the longest step in the installation process, sometimes taking up to six weeks. Lumio was founded in 2020 when five U.S. companies merged. While Lumio may have less experience than other installers, it so far has acquired a solid amount of positive customer reviews.

Momentum Solar: Best solar company for financing options

Year founded 2009
Service areas 11 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash purchase, solar loan, lease or PPA
Warranty terms 25-year manufacturer warranty and 25-year quality-of-work warranty

What to know about Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar offers the most in-house financing options, giving you the freedom to choose what works best for you. Momentum offers a free quote, and unlike some installers, also offers both leasing and PPA options. With the Momentum Solar app, you can track your system’s solar production and know exactly how much electricity it produces each day. Momentum Solar’s service area covers 11 states but it only offers battery storage in five of those states. If you live elsewhere, Momentum is not an option for you.

Palmetto: Best solar company for post-installation customer support

Year founded 2010
Service areas 17  states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash purchase, solar loan, lease or PPA
Warranty terms Minimum 12-year manufacturer warranty and 25-year performance warranty

What to know about Palmetto

Palmetto Protect is a tiered support service offering Palmetto customers ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Once your system is installed, you can receive basic monitoring for free through the Palmetto app. For an additional fee ($8/month), you can receive 24/7 monitoring, personalized energy saving recommendations, and prioritized customer support. Palmetto’s minimum 12-year manufacturer warranty isn’t as strong as the 25-year warranties offered by many of its competitors.

Trinity Solar: Best solar company for experience in the industry

Year founded 1994
Service areas 10 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash payment, solar loan, lease or PPA
Warranty terms 25-year panel warranty and 10-year quality-of-work warranty

What to know about Trinity Solar

If you’re looking for an installer with decades of experience in the solar industry, Trinity Solar is a solid option. This installer has almost 30 years of experience under its belt and has grown into one of the largest solar companies in the US. Trinity Solar has completed more than 85,000 installations in its time in business, although it does have a slightly smaller service area (10 states) compared to many of its national competitors. 

SunPower Solar: Best solar company for efficient solar panels

Year founded 1985
Service areas 50 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash purchase, solar loan or lease
Warranty terms 25-year full-system warranty

What to know about SunPower solar

SunPower’s Equinox solar system includes panels from Maxeon, which have the highest efficiency rating on the market: 22.8%. The included full-system warranty says these panels will produce at 92% capacity after 25 years, guaranteeing the panels will run efficiently for longer than many competing solar panels. Recent BBB reviews note issues with post-installation customer service. That being said, SunPower still has an overall customer rating of 4.05 out of 5 stars on the BBB. Before signing a contract with a solar installer, we recommend reading about customer experiences from a variety of platforms.

Sunrun: Best solar company for leasing solar panels

Year founded 2007
Service areas 20 states
BBB score A+ with accreditation
Financing options Cash purchase, solar loan or lease
Warranty terms 10-year quality-of-work warranty, full-system warranty for customers who sign a lease or PPA

What to know about Sunrun

Sunrun is one of the largest leasing installers in the country. If you sign a lease or PPA, you’ll receive “bumper-to-bumper” coverage on performance, maintenance, and system monitoring. Monthly lease plans from Sunrun also come with full insurance coverage to protect against theft or damage. You’ll receive shorter warranties if you purchase your system through Sunrun with a 10-year quality guarantee and no minimum manufacturer warranty. Check the warranty terms for each component of your solar system before making a decision.

Tesla: Best solar company for competitive prices

Year founded Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016, SolarCity founded in 2006
Service areas 50 states
BBB score A+ without accreditation
Financing options Cash purchase or solar loan
Warranty terms 10-year comprehensive system warranty, panels warrantied at 80% capacity for 25 years

What to know about Tesla

Tesla’s Solar branch includes traditional solar panels and a solar roof product, both of which come with unique features and specifications. While the Tesla Solar Roof is one of the more expensive options on the market, the solar panels are more affordable. Tesla also offers a price-match guarantee, which promises to meet a competitor’s price on eligible solar systems. If you go with Tesla, you’ll have fewer choices when it comes to the components in your solar system. However, the popular Powerwall 3 is only available through Tesla. If you’re hoping for a variety of non-Tesla products, your choices will be limited with this installer.

What to look for when choosing a solar company

When comparing solar installers, there are several factors that set “good” companies apart from ones that might not be the right fit for your home. Consider the following factors when comparing installers.

Solar system cost

Unsurprisingly, the cost of solar panels is an important factor to keep in mind and will differ between installers due to soft costs like installation and labor. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (a Department of Energy Office of Science laboratory), the average cost of a solar array in the US is $31,558, or $3.67 per watt for an 8.6 kilowatt system. Tax credits and solar incentives can help make solar panels more affordable.

You probably won’t find a price tag listed on installers’ websites because the cost of solar depends on factors like system size (which correlates with your annual energy consumption), your location and additional components. Instead, you’ll need to reach out to installers to get a quote for your home. Some installer websites offer an instant quote with a few basic pieces of information (for example, your average energy usage), while others may ask for your contact information and reach out directly. 

Financing options

The cost of solar panels is substantial, even though solar prices have decreased significantly in the last decade. While some residents are able to purchase solar panels upfront in cash, that isn’t a feasible option for everyone. Most solar installers offer financing options to lower the initial cost of solar.

If you don’t have the capital to purchase your system outright, you can take out a solar loan. Personal loans, home equity loans and FHA 203(k) loans are among some of the financing options residents can choose. Some state solar incentives include low-interest loans with favorable terms. While solar loans come with interest rates and monthly payments, you will own the system and qualify for solar tax incentives.

Another option is a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). The installer retains ownership of the system with these options, but it is installed on your roof and powers your home. Solar leases and PPAs are the cheapest upfront option and you only pay a monthly rate to lease the system or a set price per kWh of generated electricity. Another benefit is you won’t be on the hook for maintenance or repairs — the solar company is responsible because it retains ownership. However, you won’t own the system or qualify for tax credits and other incentives.


Warranty terms will vary by installer but are important to review before you sign a contract. Installers should be upfront about their warranty terms and answer any questions you have about what is covered, the length of the warranty and any extensions they offer. 

Most installers offer a few warranties on solar systems. Common types of warranties include:

  • Manufacturer warranties or product warranties: Offered by the product manufacturer instead of the installer, manufacturer warranties cover product defects or damage. Many installers guarantee that the products used in solar projects have long-term warranties. Panels, inverters, batteries and racking and mounting equipment come with manufacturer warranties. The typical warranty terms depend on the product, with most panel warranties varying between 20 and 25 years. Batteries and inverters usually have shorter lifespans (and thus shorter warranties), typically around 10 and 12 years.
  • Performance warranties: Solar installers typically guarantee that your solar system will perform at a specific level of efficiency for a set amount of time. The industry average is a performance warranty of 90 percent capacity at 10 years and 80 percent capacity at 25 years.
  • Quality-of-work warranties: These warranties guarantee that the installation is high-quality and meets local requirements. The installer will ensure there isn’t damage to your property (like your roof) during installation. Quality-of-work warranties typically vary the most between installers. Ask any installer you’re considering about the specifics of this warranty.

Consumer ratings and reviews

There’s no shortage of customer ratings and reviews available for solar installers. As you research your options, you can find reviews and testimonials from past customers, which may help you narrow down your choices. Sites like TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Yelp can help you find consumer reviews and complaints for installers.

Solar incentives in your state

You can apply for solar tax credits and incentives at the federal, state or local levels. The Residential Clean Energy Credit is a federal tax credit allowing solar panel owners to claim 30 percent of the cost of their system as a credit when they file their income tax returns. 

State and local solar incentives vary based on where you live, but you can combine these incentives with the federal tax credit. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) offers a comprehensive list of solar incentives by state. While installers don’t have any control over your incentive eligibility, understanding which solar incentives you qualify for can help you better estimate the installed cost of a solar array for your home.


To compile a list of best solar installers, we considered objective criteria including the number of years an installer has been in business, the size of its service area, BBB score and financing options. Every installer on this list is a nationally recognized company and excels in at least one of these categories. This list is meant to be a starting point and should not replace your own independent research into the options in your area. Reach out to installers directly for more information and quotes of estimated cost specific for your home.