Emergency road service

You need to understand what emergency roadside assistance is. Here’s what to know.

What is emergency road service?

An emergency road service, also known as roadside assistance, is a part of an auto insurance policy that pays for the cost of having your vehicle towed after it breaks down.

Deeper definition

An emergency road service is a service that assists you when your vehicle suffers from a mechanical breakdown on the road. It’s typically offered with your full coverage car insurance policy, through institutions such as the American Automobile Association (AAA). It also may be offered to you through your credit card issuer or when you purchase a new vehicle or a new tire.

Car insurance companies typically partner with existing businesses that provide emergency road services or hire a team to contact and arrange service on behalf of their clients.

The service provider that your insurance company hires depends entirely on location. The closest and most suitable emergency service provider is typically dispatched.

The services that roadside assistance provide include extrication or winching, fuel delivery, locksmith service, tire replacement, battery jump-start and towing.

The cost of roadside assistance plans range from $40 to $300 a year. Some insurance providers charge extra if you want to include family members. Generally, plans bill for annual membership, though some charge per month or per incident.

Emergency road service example

If you experience a mechanical failure on the roadway, you can contact your roadside assistance provider. Then, your provider will dispatch a tow truck to transport you and your vehicle to a repair facility, typically within a predetermined radius.

You will not be required to pay for the cost of the tow, as it’s covered in your service plan. However, you are responsible to pay for the necessary repairs to your vehicle.

When you run out of fuel, the emergency road service provider will deliver a small amount of gas — typically around three gallons — to allow you to get to the nearest gas station to fill up. With most emergency road service plans, the cost of gas is included in your membership.

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