Standup: Americans are living longer, healthier lives… and retirement isn?t what it used to be! In fact, many so-called seniors consider retirement an exciting opportunity to launch a new career. explains.

Voice over 1: This is Marika Stone’s retirement. She’s a Yoga instructor…she loves it…AND she makes money at it!

SOT: ?In a sense it kind of chose me, always loved movement, just got into slowly, didn?t think about a career, made me feel good…”

Voice over 2: That’s one of the top tips to making money in retirement: follow your passion.

Voice over 3: Marika’s husband Howard is passionate…about coaching “prime timers” through this “encore.” You could say… they wrote the book on it!

SOT: “I started out coaching people in this age group, then did the website, then after we did the book.”

Voice over 4: The Stones say it’s key to evaluate your health and lifestyle… to be honest about how much mental and physical energy you can invest in a new business.

Voice over 5: This is not the time to crack your nest egg! Instead consider a small home equity loan, or “lightly” tapping into a 401-K.

SOT: ?You have the freedom to chose the work you want on your own terms if you?ve got your money and your health taken care of…and that?s where creativity begins!

STANDUP: “It’s a good idea for prime-time entrepreneurs to get help getting started. And a great place to do that is with the Small Business Administration, especially through their SCORE program. For, I’m Kristin Arnold.