1. What are the advantages of a Roth IRA?

    Tax-free earnings and withdrawals
    A yearly contribution limit of $15,5000
    No mandatory withdrawals
    Mandatory withdrawals beginning at age 70 and a half
    A and C
    A and D
  2. What kind of retirement plan might a sole proprietor choose?

    457 plan
    403(b) plan
  3. Why might a small business owner choose a Simple IRA?

    Employers have some flexibility about how much to contribute to employees on a yearly basis. For instance, they can match workers’ contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis, up to 3 percent of individual earnings. Or they can reduce the match to 1 percent in any two years within a five-year period.
    No complex federal reporting requirements.
    The employer can make non-elective contributions up to 2 percent of wage earners’ compensation for a maximum of $4,500, regardless of workers’ participation.
    Good for businesses with 100 or fewer employees
    All of the above
    None of the above