Reduce spending and save more

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If you’re having trouble meeting your monthly savings goals, here are some simple ways to reduce spending and save more. I’m Lucas Wysocki with your Personal Finance Minute.

The first place you can find money is on the shelves of your grocery store. Prepared foods such as shredded cheese and pre-chopped vegetables can be triple or even quadruple the cost. Do the prep work yourself and save.

Next, look at your phone bill. If you have a land-line and a cell phone, see if you can get by with just the cell. Also think about scaling back your minutes or data to something that better fits your needs.

Luxury items are the hardest things to trim from your budget, but can have the most impact. Skip the gourmet coffee or gym membership and find ways to replace them at home, like brewing your own java or taking bike rides for exercise.

Finally, put all that savings on auto-pilot. Direct deposit fifty dollars to savings every two weeks and it will add up to thirteen-hundred dollars a year. For more help with your budget, just visit I’m Lucas Wysocki.