Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers CDs across numerous terms — from six months to six years. The direct bank’s CDs offer competitive yields and require just $500 to open. Among online banks, it offers one of the highest one-year CD rates.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs earned a 4.1 out of 5 in Bankrate’s overall rating of the bank, while its CDs earned 4.9 out of 5.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs CD rates

Current high-yield CD rates at Marcus.

Account name Term APY Minimum deposit
High-yield CD 6 months 4.25% $500
High-yield CD 9 months 4.30% $500
High-yield CD 1 year 4.75% $500
High-yield CD 18 months 4.75% $500
High-yield CD 2 years 4.35% $500
High-yield CD 3 years 4.30% $500
High-yield CD 4 years 4.00% $500
High-yield CD 5 years 3.80% $500
High-yield CD 6 years 3.70% $500

The bank also offers no-penalty CDs. Funds can be withdrawn following a seven-day waiting period after the account is funded.

Marcus no-penalty CD rates

Account name Term APY Minimum deposit
No-Penalty CD 7 months 0.45% $500
No-Penalty CD 11 months 0.35% $500
No-Penalty CD 13 months 4.25% $500

Marcus by Goldman Sachs also has a new rate bump CD.

Marcus rate bump CD rate

Account name Term APY Minimum deposit
Rate Bump CD 20 months 4.35% $500

Note: Annual percentage yields (APYs) shown are as of May 23, 2023, and may vary by region for some products.

How Marcus CD rates compare to top-yielding banks

Marcus offers one of the highest APYs for a one-year CD. Though you may find higher yields from another bank, Marcus’ rates are very competitive.

Compare top CD rates before committing your savings to a CD.

Other savings options at Marcus

Savers seeking more liquidity do have another option at Marcus. The bank also offers a high-yield savings account that has no fees or minimum account requirements. The account doesn’t limit the number of withdrawals or transfers that can be made, following a change made by the Federal Reserve Board to Regulation D in April 2020.