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Mandy Sleight has been a licensed insurance agent since 2005. She has three years of experience writing for insurance websites such as, MoneyGeek and The Simple Dollar. Mandy writes about auto, homeowners, renters, life insurance, disability and supplemental insurance products.

Mandy's Latest Articles

  • Prevent sewer backups

    A sewer backup occurs when a waste line is blocked, causing wastewater to backup into the home. In the United States: Over 500,000 sewer backups happen every year, according to the Association of California [...]

    4 min read May 20, 2021
    Manhole cover boils over
  • What disasters does home insurance cover

    A homeowners insurance policy typically covers natural disasters caused by explosion, fire, lightning, hail, windstorm, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme cold, volcanoes and theft. Homeowners insurance usually [...]

    6 min read May 20, 2021
    After the storm
  • Best cheap car insurance in Yonkers for 2021

    Drivers in Yonkers pay higher-than-average rates for car insurance at $1,375 per year for state minimum liability and $2,972 per year for full coverage. The average auto insurance rates for New Yorkers [...]

    5 min read May 18, 2021
    Yonkers New York Downtown skyline
  • How a speeding ticket impacts your insurance in Texas

    There are over 13 million licensed drivers in Texas, which is second only to California for number of drivers on the road. With this many drivers on Texas’ long stretches of open road, and rural interstate [...]

    5 min read May 14, 2021
    Worried businesswoman in the office
  • Auto insurance for high-risk drivers in South Carolina

    In South Carolina, distracted driving is responsible for an average of two car crashes each hour. South Carolina also has the #1 fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2019, according [...]

    5 min read May 12, 2021
    Rear view of young woman talking on the phone inside car
  • Finding car insurance in Washington, D.C. after a DWI

    Drivers with a DUI or DWI on their record are considered high-risk drivers, which results in higher auto insurance premiums. In Washington, D.C., being convicted of a DWI could cause an average increase [...]

    4 min read May 11, 2021
    Worried businessman talking on phone
  • Best cheap car insurance in Santa Ana for 2021

    Santa Ana, California has a population of over 330,000 residents and is the second most populous city in Orange County. Close to 30% of households own two cars and 75% of drivers commute alone to and from [...]

    4 min read May 11, 2021
    Santa Ana Freeway