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Lauren Ward has nearly 10 years of experience in writing for insurance domains such as Bankrate, The Simple Dollar, and She covers auto, homeowners, and life insurance, as well other topics in the personal finance industry.

Lauren's Latest Articles

  • Best auto insurance in Michigan with bad credit

    According to III (the Insurance Information Institute), drivers with low credit scores are charged more for insurance because they are more likely to file a claim. Every state except California, Hawaii, [...]

    5 min read Jun 11, 2021
    Streets of Detroit, Michigan
  • What is collateral insurance?

    If your monthly loan payment on your car insurance has gone up, it may be because collateral insurance was added onto your monthly payment. But what is collateral insurance? Essentially, it is the type [...]

    4 min read Jun 10, 2021
    Claims process
  • Finding car insurance in Alabama after a DUI

    In 84 characters, describe the value of this article that would compel readers to view the article for more. See slide deck for best-practices.

    4 min read Jun 08, 2021
    Being Pulled Over by Police
  • Cheapest car insurance in Missouri for 2021

    Finding the cheapest auto insurance in Missouri on your own is not a cake walk. Though it is not the most expensive state to purchase car insurance, it is certainly not the cheapest. That said, from an [...]

    5 min read Jun 08, 2021
    Capital building in Missouri
  • Finding car insurance in Indiana after a DUI

    The average increase in car insurance in Indiana after a DUI is 87%, based on Bankrate’s study of 2021 quoted annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services. This means drivers in Indiana may pay [...]

    4 min read Jun 03, 2021
    Police officer pulled over driver for traffic violation