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Kelli Pate is a freelance copy editor and writer specializing in personal finance. After graduating from Park University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, she started her media career wearing a variety of hats for community newspapers in the Kansas City area: writer, copy editor, photographer and coffee runner, among other things.

Kelli later transitioned to writing and editing content for corporations and nonprofits, including a nationally recognized financial advisory firm, where she learned the ins and outs of investing, retirement, budgeting and additional personal finance topics.

Over the last five-plus years, Kelli has built a successful freelance business that has allowed her to work with media companies like The New York Times, Bitch Media, Rewire News Group, Mic, Entertainment Weekly, Bustle Digital Group and more. In addition to and Bankrate, her byline has appeared in MoneyGeek, Daily Worth, Earnest, Top Agent Magazine,, HelloGiggles, INSIDER, Refinery29, SheKnows, the Daily Pnut and more.

Kelli has been immersing herself in the world of travel hacking since 2016, when she and her wife paid for their honeymoon with credit card points.


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