Kay Irvin

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Kay has two years of writing for insurance domains such as bankrate.com and mytopinsuranceblogs.com. She has written about auto and life insurance and was a licensed insurance agent for 10 years.

Kay's Latest Articles

  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Glendale

    Whether you are a first-time buyer or have owned your home for 30 years, one of your main goals is likely to protect your financial investment. As a homeowner, certain repairs or maintenance concerns will [...]

    6 min read May 05, 2021
    Arizona Community
  • Best cheap homeowners insurance in Norfolk

    On average, a homeowners insurance policy in Norfolk, Virginia costs $1,550 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage. This is significantly higher than the average home insurance premium in Virginia [...]

    5 min read May 03, 2021
    Norfolk Virginia Cityscapes, Ghent Historic District
  • Car insurance rates by credit score

    Your credit score can have an impact on several areas of your life. From buying a home, getting a car loan or opening a line of credit, your credit score can make some processes easier or more difficult. [...]

    4 min read Apr 27, 2021
    Woman in cafe using credit card for online payments
  • Penalties for driving without insurance in New York

    At times, auto insurance may seem like a hassle to get and maintain, but it is required for a good reason. Insurance helps reduce potential lawsuits and provides financial relief if you are involved in [...]

    4 min read Apr 23, 2021
    Policeman asking a driver for identification
  • Penalties for driving without insurance in Utah

    Insurance is a requirement in most states. Your auto insurance can help you pay for the damages you cause in an auto accident, potentially saving you from financial devastation. However, not everyone has [...]

    3 min read Apr 23, 2021
    Woman pulled over by police
  • Broad form car insurance

    When searching for auto insurance, it is important to assess what facets of a policy matter to you. Some shoppers focus solely on finding affordable rates, while others value having more coverage in the [...]

    4 min read Apr 02, 2021
    African woman in car adjusting mirror
  • Car crash statistics

    A common occurrence, yet and still something most drivers try to avoid, a car crash affects all parties involved. Car crashes can range from a mere inconvenience or a life-altering event. On the more drastic [...]

    8 min read Mar 29, 2021
    Damaged bumpers from car accident