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Katie Kelton

Senior Writer, Credit Cards
  • 7
    Years of experience
  • Rewards credit cards
  • Travel credit cards
  • Credit scores
  • Building credit
  • Debt management
  • Texas A+M University, Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing


About the author

Katie Kelton is a Senior Writer on Bankrate’s credit cards team, where she brings seven years of experience writing creative and financial content to help cardholders get savvy with their credit. She makes complex topics easy to understand — like how to read Bankrate survey data, maximize your credit card rewards or bump up your credit score. Thanks to the cards in her wallet, she hasn’t paid for a flight in months, and each of her (frequent) coffee shop stops puts cash back into her pocket.

Before Bankrate, Katie wrote for Capital One, where she gained insight on the credit world from a card issuer’s perspective. And her career began in marketing, where she learned how to make life’s everyday decisions a little more fun.

Katie is from Austin and lives in Colorado Springs. Off the clock, you’ll find her heading outdoors with her pup, organizing her bookshelf and planning endless activities with friends.

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Katie wants you to know

Your experience with credit cards can depend on your lifestyle. I take a minimalist approach to life and credit, which means two rewards cards I can maximize, payments I can manage and consistent check-ins to my credit score with free credit tools. Some cardholders might have just one card they use for the same expenses each month. Others apply for every welcome bonus they can get their hands on.

There’s no single right way to use your credit cards. I suggest prioritizing on-time, in-full payments and rewards that fit your spending as you find a credit card strategy that works for you.

Credit-building takes time, consistency and responsible use. By taking a close look at your budget and spending within your means, you can elevate your credit score and earn more rewards as you go.

— Katie Kelton

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