Elizabeth Rivelli


Elizabeth has two years of experience writing for insurance domains such as Bankrate.com, The Simple Dollar, Coverage.com and NextAdvisor, among others. In addition to auto insurance, Elizabeth regularly writes about home insurance, renters insurance and life insurance. She also covers industry trends and general insurance education.

Elizabeth's Latest Articles

  • Fred Loya Auto Insurance Review 2021

    Fred Loya was founded in 1974 in El Paso, Texas. The company specializes in serving high-risk drivers, including individuals who have a poor credit score or bad driving record and cannot get standard insurance [...]

    3 min read Dec 10, 2020
    City skyline against an orange sky of a setting sun.
  • North Carolina auto insurance laws

    Car insurance is legally required in almost every state, including North Carolina. However, the specific car insurance laws in North Carolina are different from other states. In North Carolina, getting [...]

    3 min read Dec 09, 2020
    Highways and roads going into Charlotte, NC.
  • GAINSCO Auto Insurance Review 2021

    GAINSCO Insurance was founded in 1978 and conducts business operations today through MGA Insurance. The company sells car insurance exclusively through independent agents and specializes in insurance for [...]

    3 min read Dec 03, 2020
    A mom and daughter taking a drive.
  • Pure Insurance Review 2021: Home & Car

    PURE Insurance was founded in 2006 and is based in White Plains, New York. For over 30 years, the company has been selling home and auto insurance to individuals with a high net worth. Its policies are [...]

    5 min read Dec 03, 2020
    A family dinner.
  • California car insurance laws

    Car insurance is legally required in California. Every driver must carry a minimum amount of insurance in order to meet the state’s requirements. Before you purchase auto insurance in the Golden State, [...]

    4 min read Nov 30, 2020
    Shot of Bixby Creek Bridge.
  • GoAuto Insurance Review

    GoAuto Insurance was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Louisiana. Currently, the company exclusively sells car insurance to drivers in Louisiana, Nevada and Ohio. It specializes in affordable policies [...]

    2 min read Nov 24, 2020
    Black daughter drives while her mother is in the passenger side on the phone. They are both laughing and smiling.