Best places to start your career


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Cara: Things to look for in a city?

Terrell: Tinder, Grindr and a bar.

Lance: A large dating pool.

Heather: To have people my age around me.

Cara: Outdoor lifestyle and great food selection.

Terrell: Police sirens, the noise, the chaos. I love the noise of a city.

Claes: So, the purpose of the research was to take a look at a lot of different data on a lot of different aspects of many of the biggest American cities and try to find ones that have the most appeal for college graduates.

Terrell: We picked these cities because that’s where all the jobs are.

Claes: At the top of our list we had New York, LA. San Francisco, we had Boston near the top, Chicago. These are markets where people can go and immediately find a job.

Terrell: Detroit I love you to death don’t get me wrong. … I would never…

Cara: Many of the top cities on this list are thriving in companies that are fresh and new.

Claes: Looking at a city like San Francisco with that just huge variety of startups.

Terrell: Oh God, San Francisco, honey…

Lance: You’re probably going to be wearing a lot of hats at a startup so you get probably about 5 years’ worth of experience within a year.

Claes: And if it doesn’t work out at one company you know there’s 10 or 15 other companies doing the same thing that would be happy to have you.

Cara: If you’re a surfer and you do that every day and you take a job in the middle of the country you’re probably not going to be happy at the job.

Terrell: Any farm life, moo moos, the country thing, it is so not me. I’m done.

Claes: We tried to take into account a number of different factors and then also kind of what’s the quality of life? What amenities are around there?

Lance: Young people want easy access to transportation; they want affordable living.

Heather: Things to do in the city is really important; you have to have a variety of things.

Terrell: Diversity and culture.

Cara: The best Mexican restaurant I ever walked into was in San Francisco and inside was an Asian man singing karaoke to a country song … diversity!