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  • UltraFICO: What it is and how it works

    In 2018, FICO, Experian and Finicity launched the new UltraFICO score. The goal of UltraFICO is to expand credit access and give consumers more control in the credit scoring process, and it considers more [...]

    3 min read Sep 23, 2020
  • What is a good credit utilization ratio?

    In the world of credit scoring, credit utilization is one of the most important factors. In fact, this factor is second only to payment history in importance to your FICO score weighing in at 30% of your [...]

    4 min read Sep 17, 2020
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  • What do the 3 credit bureaus do?

    The three credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Learn what goes into your different credit reports — and how it affects your credit score.

    5 min read Sep 10, 2020
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  • What is a statement balance?

    When you enter the world of credit cards, banking and personal finance, there are a lot of new terms and questions that you may run into. One of these new terms may be a statement balance. Chances are [...]

    4 min read Aug 26, 2020
    statement balance
  • How a balance transfer affects your credit score

    Balance transfer credit cards allow you to consolidate your existing credit card balances onto a single card, but it’s important to understand how a transfer can impact your credit.

    5 min read Aug 20, 2020
    Young couple work on finances at kitchen table
  • Why did my credit score drop?

    In this biweekly series of columns, credit and debt expert Steve Bucci answers readers’ questions about credit scores and addresses important topics about building credit. Got a question for Steve? [...]

    5 min read Aug 20, 2020
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