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Lane Gillespie

Writer, Personal Finance
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    articles written for Bankrate
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  • Personal finance
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  • B.A. in communications, University of Houston


About the author

Lane Gillespie is a writer for Bankrate, specializing in writing well-rounded financial content that answers readers' questions, regardless of where they are in their financial journey. Lane was a real estate and business journalist for three years, specializing in his hometown of Houston.

He has been a journalist for a decade, with bylines appearing in Bisnow, the Houston Business Journal, the Houston Chronicle and more. He has a bachelor's degree in communications, specializing in journalism, from the University of Houston.

When not working, Lane is usually hiking, writing fiction, or reading fantasy novels on the beach.

Lane beyond Bankrate

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Lane wants you to know

Lane always feels that he can make smarter money decisions if he plans ahead of time. He based his own budget off of YNAB, which allocates every dollar in different categories like rent, groceries, eating out and shopping. Knowing where your money will go before you spend it has eliminated a lot of stress – and impulsive buying.

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