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Garrett Yarbrough

Writer, Credit Cards
  • 4
    Years of experience
  • 86
    Publications Written
  • Credit card strategy
  • Credit card comparisons
  • Credit card rewards
  • Building credit
  • Credit scores
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Certification in Business and Technical Communication, Creative Writing minor | East Carolina University
  • Bachelor of Arts in History | East Carolina University


Garrett Yarbrough writes credit card reviews, comparisons and guides for Bankrate. He specializes in all things credit cards, and he has comprehensively researched the current market and past product offers for more than three years. Garrett thoroughly analyzes credit card terms, rewards programs, introductory offers and other card features to provide readers with the most insightful steps toward personal financial growth. He has also written and researched for major Bankrate features, including the latest credit card points and miles valuations, the 2022 through 2024 Bankrate Awards, the Spender Type tool, the Credit Utilization Calculator and the CardMatch™ Approval Odds tool.

Prior to joining Bankrate, Garrett worked as a copywriter at an ad agency, and then as a freelance writer. He joined in 2020, where his credit card, credit monitoring and identity theft analysis were regularly featured.

When he’s not reviewing credit cards or detailing the latest developments in Bankrate’s best cards, you can find Garrett traveling, reading and stopping at every niche museum he sees along the highway.

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Garrett wants you to know

As someone who began their personal finance journey not too long ago, I’ve seen firsthand the many credit-related misconceptions that family, friends and other credit builders hold. I noticed these stumbling blocks led several loved ones to avoid credit cards and base important life decisions on popular financial misinformation.

Using my background in analytical research and user-focused writing, I strive to make navigating credit cards and credit building smooth sailing for others who are new to credit.

Garrett’s recommended readings

Sifting through reward program, sign-up bonus or card feature terms can feel overwhelming for even credit card veterans. As a Bankrate writer, I’ve seen how translating fine print into actionable advice can help cardholders evaluate their most valuable options and build a stronger financial future.

— Garrett Yarbrough

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