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  Prod. Institution Rate CM APY Min Deposit
1 yr CD
Pentagon Federal Credit Union
Posted: 4/28/2017
1.30 1.30 $1,000
1 yr CD
The Golden 1 CU
Posted: 4/28/2017
0.30 0.30 $1,000
1 yr CD
Navy FCU
Posted: 4/25/2017
1.04 D 1.05 $1,000
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Financial terms: view below the definition for terms used on this search results page.

Product: A certificate of deposit (CD) is an FDIC-insured time deposit with a fixed maturity date, usually from three months to five years. It usually pays higher interest than a savings account, and a penalty is charged for withdrawing funds before the maturity date. An individual retirement account (IRA) is a special retirement planning account for individuals.

Institution: The organization in which you deposit your funds. This survey group includes banks, thrifts and other representative institutions.

Rate: The simple interest rate, which is the annual rate of return without compounding interest.

CM: The compounding method used in Bankrate tables. The letters are abbreviated for the following: S for simple interest; A for compounded annually; H for compounded semi-annually; Q for compounded quarterly; M for compounded monthly; and D for compounded daily.

APY: The annual percentage yield based on an institution’s compounding method, assuming funds remain in the account for a 365-day year.

Min deposit: The lowest amount an institution requires to open an account and earn interest.

Advertiser comments: Additional information given by the listed institutions.

Location: Some institutions provide CDs in all 50 states regardless of your place of residence and can be found by selecting the highest nationally available button. Some institutions provide CDs in restricted geographical areas and can be found by entering your ZIP code or selecting the city and state closest to where you live.

Avg. rate: The average of all the rates listed in the rate column.

Avg. APY: The average of all the annual percentage yields listed in the APY column.

Avg. min deposit: The average of the average minimum deposits required in the minimum deposit column.

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Cd tip
Laddering CDs are a great option for saving and earning. In a ladder, the length of the CDs vary, each rolling over to the highest rung as time expires. This keeps an array of rates earning, and a bad rate only lasts as long as its rung; it is evened out by the other CDs.
Cd tip
Use caution when deciding on CD terms and understand you won't be taking it out. A five-year CD may have a great rate, but if you have to touch it before that time is up, be prepared to pay a hefty penalty where you could sacrifice some or all of your interest.
Cd tip
Banks compete with one another by offering higher rates, but many times the highest CD rates can be found from online banks. Use Bankrate's search feature to find the highest rates on CDs.
Cd tip
Each of the institutions listed is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. They may not necessarily have branches in the local market but they do accept deposits from consumers in this area.
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