You could be single because you went to college


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Jean Chatzky: I’m wondering what we know about marriages where one person did go to college and one person didn’t.

Jon Birger: If we had been talking 100 years ago, what I call “mixed-collar marriages” would have been very common because women didn’t go to college in great numbers. Most men 100 years ago who went to college were probably marrying women who did not go to college. So, it’s not like this is a totally new phenomenon; it’s just that the genders have switched.

Jean: Where’s the best place in the country to be a woman if you want to get married?

Jon: San Jose, California.

Jean: Better than Alaska?

Jon: Man Jose.

Jean: Is that what they call it?

Jon: Yeah, they call it Man Jose. If you’re looking for a college-grad man, believe it or not, Alaska is the worst state in the country. There’s almost twice as many young college-grad women than men in Alaska. But what’s interesting is the dynamics don’t play out the same there because so many of the working-class guys in Alaska make a good living in the oil industry. So the marriage rates for those women are much higher than you’d expect given the college gender gap, and I think that’s because Alaskans are much more open-minded about marrying across socioeconomic lines. You don’t have to marry a plumber or a fireman.

Jean: Hey firemen are sexy!

Jon: Exactly, but just open your mind to the possibility and I think you’ll find that your dating market will improve. I got a tweet the other day from a woman who told me that she met her husband after she unchecked education on her online dating site.