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Unemployment is turning up and a measly handful of jobs were created last month. It’s no wonder then that fewer Americans than ever say they are confident about their job security.

I’m Sheyna Steiner with the bankrate.com personal finance minute.

In Bankrate’s monthly survey, the Financial security index, only 15 percent of workers said they feel more secure in their job than they did one year ago. Nearly one in four say they are less secure.

With only 18,000 jobs created in June the unemployed face an uphill battle when it comes to finding work. For job hunters, experts advise tried and true methods of finding jobs and that means networking.

Luckily the Internet makes networking easy and just being online can increase your visibility to employers. A survey by Jobvite.com found that 87 percent of companies use Linkedin when recruiting while 55 percent turn to Facebook.

With the labor market so tenuous, debt levels remain a major concern. The FSI found 24 percent of the population is less comfortable with their debt levels compared to a year ago.

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