Cooking up a pricey backyard barbecue

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What if you could pull out all the stops for the most expensive barbecue your backyard has ever seen? I’m Clark Palmer with your personal finance minute.

The most expensive barbecue has to start with a world-class grill. BeefEater Barbecues makes a gold-plated grill. Every square inch, except for the cooking surface, is plated in 24-carat gold. It can be yours for about $164,000.

And any old frozen beef won’t cut it for this barbecue. Fleur restaurant in Las Vegas makes the fleurburger 5,000, which costs $5,000. If you want to make your own you’ll need Wagyu beef, which can be about $65 to $75 per pound for a good cut. You’ll also need to shell out about $75 for truffles, about $70 for foie gras and about $10 for some brioche buns.

And don’t forget the diamond-encrusted cutlery. Enter the Brilliant Nesmuk kitchen knife. It’s priced around $43,700 from jewelry designer Quintin Nel and Hoffman/Pieper.

Finally, don’t forget the beer made with ice from Antarctica. Antarctic Nail Ale is actually sold on a donation basis for Sea Shepherd, a marine conservation organization.

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