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Borrowing and trading are no new concepts to most communities, but when the internet got a hold of the idea it took on a much larger scale. I’m Lucas Wysocki with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

The idea is called collaborative consumption and it connects like minded people on the internet in the nature of saving money. Realistically, not everyone on your block needs a lawnmower. Websites like Neighborgoods.com put people in touch with those nearby who are willing to lend their tools or other household items to each other.

If you need college books, Chegg.com provides rentals instead of having to buy. Depending on the book you need, you could pay as little as $60 for the semester, which offers major savings over buying from the campus book store. There are a myriad of these sites, depending on what you’re looking for. From Lendingclub.com which matches investors with lenders, to thredup.com which lets families trade toys and clothes as the kids outgrow them.

If you don’t mind borrowing or second hand goods, there’s a lot of money to be saved through collaborative consumption. To find more money saving tips, visit bankrate.com. I’m Lucas Wysocki.