7 ways to cash in on spring cleaning

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If you think spring-cleaning just means elbow grease and throwing out junk, you might be sending cash to the landfill. I’m Jessica Patel with your Bankrate.com Personal Finance Minute.

With a little legwork, the stuff you purge in spring-cleaning can fatten your wallet and strengthen your bottom line.

Your old wardrobe won’t make you wealthy, but it can make you quick cash. To get top dollar, only sell clothing currently in season.

If you purge fall or winter clothing during spring-cleaning, keep them in a separate, marked box to sell later, as those seasons approach. To find the best local consignment store, try the store-finder listings at N-A-R-T-S-dot-org.

Keep in mind while rooting through your clutter that you might find a collectible. Vintage lunchboxes, anything by the Beatles and animation cells produced from the 1930s through the 1960s are among the items that can attract high-paying collectors. But don’t expect huge profits from collectibles made after the Seventies.

While cleaning, don’t ignore what might be an antique, or something at least one hundred years old. Local auction houses are a good place to sell those items, and there’s eBay too.

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