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Tori Rubloff

Senior Editor, Personal Finance
  • 7
    Years of experience
  • Personal finance
  • Financial planning
  • Budgeting
  • B.Ed. in Education, University of Florida
  • M.A. in Mass Communication, University of Florida


About the author

Tori Rubloff is an editor at Bankrate, where she manages staff writers, copy edits feature articles, drives content strategy and oversees production of data-driven, timely content that empowers readers to make informed decisions about their finances. She is passionate about creating purposeful content that educates readers on navigating significant life milestones, which has led her to specialize in content centered on personal finance, higher education and professional development.

Previously, she has worked as a data storyteller and content manager for various publications and clients including ZDNet, The Motley Fool, FinanceBuzz and Acceptance Insurance. Her work has been cited by media including CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CBS News, NBC News, Forbes, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, MarketWatch and Business Insider.

Outside of work, Tori enjoys bullet journaling, exploring Washington D.C.’s restaurant scene, cooking elaborate dinners and meditating daily.

Tori beyond Bankrate

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Tori wants you to know

Tori has found that staying consistently organized with her finances has long-term pay-offs. Her favorite tool is Notion — a free app where you can build customizable, visual dashboards that track your finances and hold you accountable to your goals. The sky is the limit with what you can do: You can set up a monthly budget, set yearly and monthly spending/saving goals, save helpful financial advice and so much more.

You can 'make your money work for you' by being intentional with your money habits and strategic with your money placement.

— Tori Rubloff

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