You need to know who looks at your credit report


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Who sees your credit report?

Your credit report: It’s a snapshot of some pretty private stuff. Like how much debt you have and how good you are at paying things back. Collections, unpaid child support, unpaid bills, bankruptcies — it’s all in there.

So who even sees your credit report?

When you go for that job, some employers may ask to check your credit report. They want to find out how responsible you are with money.

Home and car loan lenders also check your credit report. Your loan approval depends on a good credit report. So does your rate.

And when you get that car, car insurance companies look, too. They think if you have a bad report, you’re more likely to file a claim.

Even when you try to rent a place to live, your landlord may dig into your credit report. He’s probably wondering if you’re going to pay your rent on time.

And of course, credit card companies check to see how you pay on other credit accounts.

Usually on applications, there’s a line you sign giving these people permission to check your credit report. To find out who looks, pull a copy of your credit report and look for credit inquiries.

Now that you know who looks at your credit report, read on to find out how you can ramp up your credit rating.

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