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Homebuyers want homes in handy locations

What homebuyers desire today
Homebuyers want homes in handy locations

As always, the mantra "location, location, location" still applies to buying real estate. The better the location, the higher the home's value. Nowadays, buyers factor in amenities such as commute times when they assess a neighborhood's desirability.

"Location has become even more important recently than it used to be, with buyers wanting to be near the city or at least near some kind of public transportation," Rogers says. "We're seeing empty-nesters move into Boston while 20-something and 30-something buyers are moving just outside the city in order to afford to buy."

In San Francisco, Coleman says living within walking distance to amenities and to public transportation is the No. 1 priority for most buyers.

"We talk about Walk Score all the time now, which tells you how close a particular home is to things like a coffee shop, a grocery store, and a bus or subway stop," Coleman says.


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