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Mariah Posey

Editor, Insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Bachelor or Arts (Journalism) from accredited Elon University


Mariah Posey is an insurance writer and editor for, specializing in auto and home insurance. She aids in developing and editing insurance content that covers a breadth of relevant industry knowledge, prioritizing accuracy and brand tone. She keeps readers at the forefront of her mind throughout all stages of content development, aiming to make the insurance journey as convenient as possible by equipping consumers with the insights they need to make confident coverage decisions.

Mariah joined the Bankrate insurance editorial team in January 2021, bringing along her background in communications and journalism. With prior experience in reporting and copyediting, she marries her skills of conducting research, fact-checking and prioritizing reader intent into her role as an insurance editor for Bankrate. In her time, she has delved into grasping the complexities of auto, home and life insurance, finding ways to clarify common misconceptions found online to better inform readers.

Mariah is originally from New Jersey and earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Elon University. When not optimizing pages, she can be found grabbing a slice (or whole pie) from the best local pizzeria, diving into new albums and finding a new series to shamelessly binge.

Mariah’s written work for Bankrate has been featured in Bloomberg, The Boston Globe and Car and Driver.

Mariah Posey wants you to know

The most “convenient" option won’t always be the best for your situation. When it was time to renew Mariah’s lease, she considered switching her renters insurance to the same company as her auto insurance for a bundle discount and ease of management. However, even with a discount added and the same levels of coverage, bundling would have caused her gross premium to be significantly higher than maintaining the existing separate policies. It pays to shop around, but be mindful of what’s most important to you. You may weigh price, convenience and coverage differently with each company.

Mariah Posey’s recommended readings

Insurance is more exciting when you realize it is like building a safety net rather than an empty expense.

— Mariah Posey

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